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  1. b166ar

    [Success] b1's "Mac Mini Killer" with macOS Mojave: i7-8700 | Gigabyte Z370N | RX560 | 16GB RAM

    b1's "Mac Mini Killer" macOS Mojave Coffee Lake Build: i7-8700 | Gigabyte Z370N | RX560 | 16GB RAM Components Intel Core i7-8700 non K; GIGABYTE Z370N WIFI; G.SKILL 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz; 250GB Samsung 970 EVO M.2; Noctua NH-L9I Cooler; WiFi adapter from MacBook Air (BCM94360CS2)...
  2. b166ar

    [Solved] Random reboot loop after Apple logo in macOS Mojave

    After update to macOS Mojave I've noticed random reboot loop after Apple logo. PC will reboot a few times and then boot normally. It's not happened with HS before, and it's not happened if I use this EFI to boot form HS disk. Any ideas why it happens?
  3. b166ar

    i7 8700 undervolting problems

    Hi guys! I'm running Gigabyte Z370N with i7 8700 and Noctua NH-L9i. If I'm not mistaken, this motherboard has the ability to change VCore voltage for my CPU. But I can't see any improvements in temperatures after undervolting. In Gigabyte Z370N stock VCore temperature set to Auto. I use this...