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  1. Clansman320

    [FIX] HD4200/HD4400/HD4600/HD5600 on 10.11+

    Many thanks. This is a "personal interest" project using an old notebook, "because I can", so in burning hurry. Have guide and lapintosh at the ready, RTFG'ing first :)
  2. Clansman320

    [FIX] HD4200/HD4400/HD4600/HD5600 on 10.11+

    Thanks for the reply, Feartech... trying to follow that one. Any thoughts re the questions appreciated though
  3. Clansman320

    Missing \ key

    HP Probook 640 G1, Intel i5, Intel HD4600, 8GB RAM. UK keyboard, language to set to UK Installed El Capitan, everything (except for gfx, but thats another thread). All seemed fine (bar gfx), trackpad works with VoodooPS2, network ok. Opened a teminal window to do some work (this is important...
  4. Clansman320

    [FIX] HD4200/HD4400/HD4600/HD5600 on 10.11+

    Looking for some help with an HP "hackintosh". Firstly - I have read many guides, but given the sheer number of updates for newer versions of the OS, I'm a little lost and hence asking for help. Installed El Capitan to an HP Probook following one of the 'easier' guides. Using El Capitan as it...