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  1. Jascha

    iMac G4 MOD with 27' curved screen

    Truly impressive... Is it really only a Full HD panel?
  2. Jascha

    My PiMac Build (2008 20" iMac)

    Why don't you go for a "el cheapo" NUC or a similar form-factor mini PC? They are around 200 Dollars and pretty powerful - enough for webbrowsing and youtube. Or maybe a used Macbook Air logicboard from ebay? ;-)
  3. Jascha

    iMac G4 20-inch Skull Canyon NUC

    Hey superslurt, very nice build indeed! I managed to fix "my artifacts" with the "slide=0" bootflag in clover. It's a HD3000 board... The artifacts looked like the ones shown in this thread: Good luck, Jascha
  4. Jascha

    Help on display interface

    In short words: No. TMDS is compatibe to DVI/HDMI but not to LVDS. You should use the boards HDMI output for the iMac's TMDS display. Wiring diagrams are on the forum. Best regards, Jascha
  5. Jascha

    iMac G5 x86-mod uATX Mainboard?

    I don't think it ill fit. You will need a really really thin CPU-Cooler, maybe even the USB, LAN, etc. connectors are too big for the case. Take into acount, that the LCD-panel needs depth, too. You will have to measure it!
  6. Jascha

    IMac G4 mod motherboard and processor use

    The DH61AGL is a "low-end" Intel mainboard with limited features (NO USB 3.0!) made for Sandy Bridge processors, the 2nd Core-i generation. The 3rd generation, Ivy Bridge should work as well but only smaller CPUs with a low TDP. Have a look on thin mini itx boards with Intels H81 chipset. There...
  7. Jascha

    IMac G4 mod motherboard and processor use

    Hello Juapalso... I don't think that the suggested mainboard will fit into the dome. The ports may be to high. Have a look on Thin-mini ITX mainboards, they're thinner and can be powered by a 19V DC-adapter directly... But you will need low profile RAM, made for notebooks. Best regards...
  8. Jascha

    11in macbook air logic board inside iMac G4 contemplation

    ...if it fits in terms of space I don't see a big problem. All "Airs" should have a Mini Displayport or the newer a Thunderbolt port which can be adapted to DVI. So same thing as working with a NUC. I have thought about this solution too but didn't find a "spare" Macbook Air Logicboard...
  9. Jascha

    Golfleep's 4790K mini-ITX iMac G4

    This brought me to the idea of maybe fitting a decent graphics card e.g. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Mini ITX Overclocked under the motherboard - when using a slimmer CPU heatsink, like the Noctua L9i. But I don't know if there's enough height - since most cards need two slots. This is by far...
  10. Jascha

    Golfleep's 4790K mini-ITX iMac G4

    Very impressive, Golfleep! I especially like the idea of stacking the components - and lifting up the mainboard, as most modders try to keep the mainboard as low as possible. Would it be possible to make it a silent computer if the i7 was not overclocked? For me this would be a huge issue...
  11. Jascha

    15" MBP Retina Display on iMac G4

    Hey XMad, nice idea! Consider that the iMac 15 inch had a display with a resolution of 1024x768 - so this is an aspect ratio of 4:3. Most modern displays, like the Retina of a MBP have an apct ratio of 16:9 or 16:10 - "widescreen". So you will have to modify or recreate the housing. Good...
  12. Jascha

    Power iMac (USB 2) 20 inch

    Thank you spong_jojo for this great documentation and this amount of pictures! Good to see that someone managed to fit a "standard" miniITX mainboard into the iMac housing... Right now I'm about to test a similar setup with a thin miniITX baord. - a clocked down i7 2600K (from a...
  13. Jascha

    I have decided to hack eMac's CRT (To work with any standard motherboard)

    In your shoes I'd swap the crappy CRT to a newer (high resolution) LCD Model with DVI... After that surgery you will easily be able to fit anything in the eMac housing. I was planning to do the same but switched over to a iMac G4 mod (still in progress - for months due to lack of time) Best...
  14. Jascha

    Intel iMac 2010 27'

    Hi kiwiszon, you will need a LCD controller board with an input port (HDMI, DVI, ...) of your choice and a LVDS output... Have a look on ebay. It might be hard to find one supporting such a high resolution (2560x1440px). Then you need to identify the panel used in your iMac in order to find...
  15. Jascha

    Editing AGPM to prevent GTX4XX Freeze

    Is it somehow possible to modify the MacPro3,1.plist so that it would load the AGPM? ...if I remember correctly my Hack would not boot up or use CPU P-States correctly when using MacPro4,1. Thanks, Jascha