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  1. woukie

    Clover not load kexts

    Hi, clover not loaded the kexts in the other folder? Inject kexts is set to true. Is there something i forgot to set?
  2. woukie

    Ram Voltage changed after reboot

    Hey guys, since the last Sierra Update everytime i reboot my ram voltage is set on 2.5V. Is there a solution to fix that. I used the DSDT from the database for my gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3.
  3. woukie

    High Sierra Install - Clover not showing the boot drive

    Hey guys, i installed macOS High Sierra with Unibeast in Legacy Mode after the First Install Screen after the reboot Clover only shows the USB Drive. X58a UD3R Rev 2.0 Bios only Need Help!
  4. woukie

    Google Chrome 56 (57 Beta also) Bugs / Lagging

    Hey Guys, i have some problems with chrome 56 / 57 Beta also. I'm a webdeveloper and work with my hackintosh for more than 3 years now and everything is just fine. But since the last week i work on a new project and only in chrome the website is just buggy, you can see in the video. I...