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  1. subdream

    Lost "Anyone" option in Security & Privacy after upgrade to 10.12.3 - Video of the fix...

    This possibly happened when I first upgraded to Sierra, just noticed it today Videoed the fix..
  2. subdream

    Recovery mode wont boot.

    I just noticed, I can't boot from the recovery option in clover. It hangs about 70percent there. Is it possible to fix this? Cheers in advance. I should add, I can boot into Sierra no problems, just I figure I should get this working too before i use the system for production work.
  3. subdream

    General Graphics thread

    Hi folks, I was reading a thread somewhere on the forum last night posted by admin, a general graphics guidelines post. Can't for the life of me find it today. Anyone know where i'd find it?
  4. subdream

    Gigabyte GA-z170MX-Gaming 5 on board Graphics Resolution

    Hi folks, I have just built my first hackintosh. I went with the board above and installed Sierra using the guide here. I spent the whole day trying to get a decent resolution on my 4K monitor. I have read dozens of posts. I'm not too up on the very technical side of this. My onboard graphics...
  5. subdream

    Thermal Paste

    Hey folks, What are your thoughts on pre applied thermal paste? I'm installing the Corsair H60 onto a new Intel Skylake 6700 quad 4.1gz later today. It has pre applied paste. Should I be confident thats enough? Not gonna be overclocking...
  6. subdream

    Taking the plunge

    Hi folks, I am about to take the plunge and build a hackintosh. I have been an Apple users for about 7 years now. I have an iMac 2009 and I was hoping to upgrade to the new macbook pro. However the new design is doing nothing for me and as I use my computer for music production, I've decided...