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  1. bern047

    Macbook Pro Apple Silicon and Mac Mini M1 Are Great!

    Hi all! I just purchased a Macbook Pro Apple Silicon and Mac Mini M1. I'm blown away by the results as I use Davinci Resolve and lots of free apps purchased over the years. However, I'm still pursuing to get Big Sur on my Gigabyte Z77 Wifi i7 and RX 580. It won't be long now. I'm having a few...
  2. bern047

    More Questions on Big Sur SIMBIOS Definitions

    I have seen reports that Apple will do forced backups in the background for Big Sur, could anybody confirm this, life is going to be difficult if it is true
  3. bern047

    Dell 6410 El Capitan/Sierra GM

    Hi, I currently have a dell e64110 running El Capitan really well, on trying to run Sierra GM I found voodoosp2controller.kext was causing problems, (kernel panic), I can install Sierra but have to use external keyboard and mouse. how do i get voodoops2controller to work with Sierra?