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  1. lavavex

    [Solved] macOS update from 13.0 to 13.6 panics

    Ok, Got everything including WiFi working as well as Nvidia Graphics Acceleration. Had to do a fresh install WITH a drive wipe from a new setup USB from the appstore image and Unibeast. Working on Bluetooth and iMessage but its 2:20 am rn and i'm tired af.
  2. lavavex

    [Solved] macOS update from 13.0 to 13.6 panics

    ok, so as a quick sanity check, I’m going to reinstall fresh, redownload macOS and install from updated USB, BRB
  3. lavavex

    [Solved] macOS update from 13.0 to 13.6 panics

    Hi, I just installed macOS on my system and after updating to 10.13.6 from 10.13.0 I get a instant kernel panic. I’ve tried safe mode and single user, neither work. But can get into the recovery hd on same config plist . Here is a photo of panic after disabling reboot on panic.
  4. lavavex

    Can't see OS X partition in Windows with HFS+ Driver
  5. lavavex

    Apple Bootcamp HFS Read Only Windows Drivers

    Hi fellow Hackintoshers! I have created a simple script that will install the Apple HFS Read Only drivers from Bootcamp on any Windows PC! This script is the effort of an hour of just googling stuff and copy pasting commands with minimal edits (Cause I'm Lazy) but should work on any computer...