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  1. MacOrDie

    Life without TRIM Support and "My SSD Used to Be so Much Faster" (Active Garbage Collection)

    I've been running Catalina but not letting the system sleep. I've noticed that on reboots the M.2 SSD is getting slower and slower to boot up. Because this is a 3rd party (non-Apple) drive and trimforce is not enabled, the drive needs time to clean house. Today I learned that this is because I...
  2. MacOrDie

    Installing on ASrock H170M PRO4 with Catalina, stuck on "Waiting on <dict ID="0"> when booting from USB.

    First off, I wrote the guide on the ASRock H170 PRO4, 4 years ago. Due to software moving on, I need to update to Catalina but can't get this mobo to boot the Catalina Install off the thumbdrive. I always get ghostbuster symbol (no disk) and the error message: Waiting on <dict ID="0">...
  3. MacOrDie

    Catalina on HP ProDesk 600 G3 Mini i5-7500T

    Does anyone have Catalina installed on a HP ProDesk 600 G3 Mini i5-7500T? It's a small little computer about the size of the Mac Mini. I've been reading and goofing around for a couple of days using clover settings and can't move past "PCI configuration end" of the MacOS install boot. I did...
  4. MacOrDie

    Mojave Install (M.2 SSD) NO DISK, HighSierra Detects M.2 Installs Fine

    What is the trick to get Mojave to see M.2 SSD disks? I've looked at the [SOLVED] threads and didn't find a good solution. Using the same M.2 SSD by Crucial the High Sierra installer works fine and sees the disk without issue. I am assuming there is a patch. If you can help direct me to it, I...
  5. MacOrDie

    Solved > Majove 10.14.4 Update Results in Black Screen After Apple Logo Appears

    Went down in flames.. First the update worked with lot's of black screens, then rebooted and worked. I shutdown for the night. However, on the next reboot, MacOS did a 44 minute install, no idea why and it boots to black screen after Apple logo progress bar. When booting in verbose mode...
  6. MacOrDie

    MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB OC Graphics Card $330 after $20 Rebate + Free S&H has MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB OC Graphics Card on sale for $449.99 - $100 w/ promo code NEN11020 - $20 Rebate = $329.99. Shipping is free. Thanks @DJ3xclusive.
  7. MacOrDie

    Mojave boot problem hang/freeze at BIOS, worked fine, now can only UEFI boot off USB

    Something bad happened, and I assumed it was EFI corruption. The problem: When UEFI booting the computer from internal SSD, the computer hangs/freezes on BIOS screen, no error, just total lockup. The workaround: If I boot using clover UEFI off the USB install, everything A-OK. What I...
  8. MacOrDie

    Higher Sierra, Sapphire pulse radeon RX 580 8gb, and Adobe CC 2018

    It is time for a video card upgrade and upon reading all of your excellent posts and guides, it looks like the Sapphire pulse radeon RX 580 8gb is a great choice that works OOB. I was wondering if anyone running Adobe CC 2018 could comment on compatibility and performance with PhotoShop...
  9. MacOrDie

    High Sierra Graphics Woes (1 year later) -- Best option for Adobe CC / Fortnite

    Dear fellow hackintoshers, I've got an Kepler NVIDIA GTX 660 and 1-year later, it doesn't look like the graphics issues are going to get fixed by either Apple or NVIDIA. I've been hanging out in El Capitan land, but software incompatibility is becoming a problem and I need to move along...
  10. MacOrDie

    Can't Wake from Sleep - DSDT, ASrock H170M, LGA 1151

    Here is my build. The system is solid, reliable, and fast. I even created a custom DSDT thanks to help from Rehab man. My problem is that I can't get the system to wake...
  11. MacOrDie

    DSDT Compile Error, Function Return Value Problem

    I understand the DSDT syntax, but not how to fix the problem. As you can see from the screen shot below in areas highlighted in yello, I have random Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, and Arg3 after the return value causing a compile error. Since functions can only return one value I tried to make SDSM into...
  12. MacOrDie

    MacOrDie's - ASRock H170M PRO4 | i3-6100 Skylake | 8 GB DDR4 | Mushkin SSD | DELL U2415 (2K)

    MacOrDie's Budget Build: ASrock H170M PRO4 | i5-6500 | 8GB | Mushkin SSD | 2K Monitor Components ASRock H170M PRO4 Motherboard Skylake i3-6100 Processor with Stock Cooler Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR4-2133 MT/s...
  13. MacOrDie

    Asrock H170M Pro4 Audio ( Realtek ALC892 ) Not Detected

    I used multibeast to add the kexts for alc892 but El Capitan is not detecting the Audio chipset. I've powered off, unplugged to reset. Rest bios, reloaded OS X. I am assuming chipset is working, new board. Have also done a lot of reading but most people have success. Thanks for any ideas.
  14. MacOrDie

    Ebay Bluetooth: Wireless Network Card BCM94360CD Bluetooth 4.0 802.11AC Dual-band For Desktop

    Has anyone tried one of these (Wireless Network Card BCM94360CD Bluetooth 4.0) off of Ebay and tested it with a Hackintosh? If you have, please give us a review of the WiFi and Bluetooth. Thank you!
  15. MacOrDie

    Can't use Blu-Ray drive after waking up from sleep on 10.11.6

    If I try to eject or insert a CD,DVD,Blu-Ray after waking up out of sleep, I get this error message The disc drive is not supported (error code 0x80020025) Looking at the hardware: The drive works fine normally. If I reboot after sleep all is well. The drive is Pioneer Blu-Ray...
  16. MacOrDie

    Botched upgrade, need to edit nvram from USB boot to remove boot-options, please help.

    Greetings, I did the upgrade last OSX upgrade when I was tired and forgot to remove the nvda_drv=1 from the NVRAM boot-options. Unfortunately, I can't boot into single user mode to edit NVRAM since the system panics and reboots before getting to the prompt. How can I edit the NVRAM booting...
  17. MacOrDie

    Intel Launches Its First 10-Core Desktop CPU With Broadwell-E

    Does anyone if this new Intel chip is compatible with OS X? Can OS X support 10 Cores and 20 threads? compare Intel Core i7-6950X 25M Broadwell-E 10-Core 3.0 GHz LGA 2011-v3 140W BX80671I76950X Desktop Processor Series: Core i7 Processors Type: Desktop # of Threads: 20 Max Turbo Frequency...
  18. MacOrDie

    Kernel Panic: Any Ideas? panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff80199b6a62): "Invalid queue element pointers for

    Just wandered away for awhile can came back to this, kernel panic. Any ideas? Anonymous UUID: A0345153-76E0-0089-B918-AE610206EBA5 Thu Dec 31 17:24:27 2015 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff80199b6a62): "Invalid queue element pointers for 0xffffff80364bc380...
  19. MacOrDie

    PCIe to SATA for El Capitan

    Can anyone recommend a PCIe to SATA card for El Capitan? I got a fever, and the only cure for my fever is more SATA connectors. :oops:
  20. MacOrDie

    Anyone using iMac 15,1 for 4790k + Z97X + Nvidia Graphic Card in 10.11 ElCapitan?

    Maybe this is not necessary, but I am trying to get the iMac 15,1 profile running on my system (i7 4790k + Z91 + NVIDIA) with ElCapitan. The problem is that after boot, there is no video. The system is functional, I can get sound, the CD-ROM to eject, just no video. I found this great post...