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  1. chaihaixin

    [solved] unexpected reboot - how to track/debug?

    almost everything is working perfectly except when i leave the system idle for enough time (say, 30m or more), there is 50% chance it cause a sudden reboot without closing running apps correctly .. and i have no clue how to track/debug it. Native power management should be ok according to...
  2. chaihaixin

    No HDMI Video, or with HDMI Video/Audio but no internal display

    as title. typically when i plug HDMI, internal display goes off, and no HDMI video at all. when unplug-HDMI, the LCD remain off. Occasionally, there will be HDMI video+audio correctly, but internal LCD always off. Never success when plug HDMI during boot up, both screen remain off. Thinkpad x1c...
  3. chaihaixin

    (99% perfect) Sierra 10.12.6 on Thinkpad x1 carbon 5th-gen with dual-boot unchanged Win7

    Preface As my first laptop hackintosh, i’d like share my work to enable Sierra 10.12.6 on Thinkpad x1 carbon 5th-gen. it can hardly call a guide but just experience sharing and guide collection. Thanks the whole community and RehabMan and others of course, basically all information can be found...
  4. chaihaixin

    Sierra on thinkpad x1c 5th gen - unstable handoff/hotspot and unstable sleep

    i'm working to make Sierra 10.12.6 working on thinkpad x1 carbon 5th generation with strictly following below 3 guides, (with 100+ reading :)