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  1. gogugmg

    Final Cut Pro 10.3 + Nvidia + Sierra

    I have gtx 1070 and i solve this. Final cut 10.2, and Motion 5.2 is ok for all 3d texts and plugins tested in all motionvf 3d texts plugins and mObject
  2. gogugmg

    GIGABYTE x58a ud3r -GIGABYTE hd 5770 help

    I can not install the system, each time after iBoot when inserted, the system enters the power off, fan speed and monitor their larger black, to mention that the same system goes GTS 250 video card installed, but fail to install or boot partition where you have installed GTS 250 video card: PLS...
  3. gogugmg

    [SOLVED] GA-X58A-UD3R - Snow Leopard Random Shutdowns ...

    Re: GA-X58A-UD3R - Snow Leopard Random Shutdowns ... Yes ,same problem to me. I have instaled with VC gts 250 but with GIGABYTE HD 5770 i have same problem ,no boot and no install ,sry4 my engl
  4. gogugmg

    Gigabyte x58a ud3 Gigabyte 2xhd5770 SSD intel

    Is posible to instal with this config Mac OS X SL , Gigabyte x58a ud3 Gigabyte 2xhd5770 SSD intel 40 GB 4GBDDR3? THX.Sry 4 my eng.
  5. gogugmg

    GTS 250 Edit Does Not Show in System Profiler

    I would like some help in editing the DSDT, I tried but I failed good option, but again I had not before GTX260 parameters to be worked on, now I have the GTS 250 is not visible in more info, I attach a DSDT- with my request to get help on configuring the video card, although until now we had...
  6. gogugmg

    Boot Camp Assistant

    Not run --You must update yours computer*s Boot ROM firmware before using this setup assistant; Pls little help::thx