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  1. marcosdipaolo

    Prohibited sign - Sierra cannot boot

    I'm reinstalling Sierra on a system I've already had sierra for some time. Well, this time something happened and once i could successfuly boot and install drivers with Multibeast, then i could't boot. At Multibeast i remember i choose an intelmausi ethernet kext, and also being busy trying to...
  2. marcosdipaolo

    Slow boot with High Sierra

    Hi there awesome community. First of all congrats for the great looking site new design. I'm having a slow boot with high sierra, or at least WAY slower that its predecessor Sierra. I'm sure it must be some silly config. What would be the steps to follow? thanks in advance.
  3. marcosdipaolo

    High sierra booting slow

    My newly upgraded High Sierra system is booting a lot slower than my good old Sierra. I'm on an i7 7700k, 16gb RAM, Samsung EVO 960 m2, Ati Radeon HD 5770. I'd like to know what would be the best steps to follow but for starters i'd like to revise my config, kexts, etc. I'm no a very tech guy...
  4. marcosdipaolo

    Advice about new video card -> High Sierra -> Company of Heroes 2 -> Mojave

    I just upgraded to High Sierra from Sierra. It all went good, had to install audio again but that worked fine. I haven't gone for Mojave because my HD5770 isn't compatible. Question is, which card can I buy that: Is Mojave compatible for future upgrade is Company of Heroes 2 (mac version of...
  5. marcosdipaolo

    Weird boot screen message after recent High Sierra upgrade

    Some time ago I disabled the mobo splash screen at boot so I get the American Megatrends logo at startup, and everything was good in Sierra. Since i went for High Sierra the American Megatrends screen changed and it takes longer therefore booting takes longer, here the photograph: It's not...
  6. marcosdipaolo

    Security Update 2018-006 Sierra

    I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, in case it isn't please feel free t move it. My Hack is asking me to update this security update '2018-006 security update' together with Safari 12.0.2. Last time i went for a system update some kexts were blown up and i couldn't boot until some...
  7. marcosdipaolo

    Failed to connect on boot, fixed unplugging and plugging ethernet

    Since yesterday i need to unplug and plug my ethernet cable to connect to the internet after boot. I tried Network > Advanced > and renewing DHCP, also disabling and enabling the connection, and nothing, only unplugging and plugging works, which is pretty annoying because that's in the case's...
  8. marcosdipaolo

    [SOLVED] SwitchResX video mirroring blew up

    I had a 24' screen. all fine. I wanted to connect a second screen with my Ati Radeon 5770 and could, so all fine. I needed SwitchResX to change from "billions of colors" to "millions of colors" to stop this flickering with the color which i always had with this system and i always solved it...
  9. marcosdipaolo

    Ati Radeon HD5770 and dual screen

    I was wondering if someone had succeeded in making work an Ati Radeon HD5770 with dual screen around here. I did with window 10 but i'm thinking in buying a second screen but wondering if it is doable with a hackintosh i7 16gb running Sierra. At the moment, i'm using my screen plugged to a DVI...
  10. marcosdipaolo

    [Solved] Panic after update - AppleKeyStore: operation failed. Desperate need of fix.

    I had this panic this morning after i left the computer updating last night. It was a security update i think, the computer doesn't boot and I have no idea what to do and I'm in a desperate need of keep working with it. Generally the build works really good. The build is: Mac OS 10.12.6...
  11. marcosdipaolo

    Unusual Panic

    I had a panic while working in development. I fired gulp watch to compile scss to css and es6 to js and after some . minutes boom. I hope the image suffices for someone to give me a hint about what happened. Totally unusual in my build to have this sort of trouble. i7 kabylake z270x-ud5 2x 8gb...
  12. marcosdipaolo

    My clover theme for everyone

    I was mixing things from two or three themes that i liked together with that cool darken background and those icns drive icons i found around. Hope you like it.
  13. marcosdipaolo

    [SOLVED] CPU Panic. Kernel Extensions in backtrace as.vit96969.Lilu(1.1.6)

    It keeps rebooting once entered the apple screen. Here's the screenshot I took with my phone. I hope it's enough since the moment was really brief and my phone didn't have time to focus. After taking the pics went for the recovery boot from the clover screen which didn't work (frozen in gray...
  14. marcosdipaolo

    Another Sleep/Wake problem, guide somewhere?

    It turns off when going to sleep. Nothing i read seem to solve the problem, is there an actual solution? SIERRA 10.12.6 Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz, Gigabyte EP45-LGA775-UD3. NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 1023 MB WI-FI TP-LINK Archer T8E
  15. marcosdipaolo

    [SOLVED] Hosts file form Terminal

    Terminal app is convinced that the /private/etc/hosts does not exist when it actually does exist. And this is happening just when i'm trying to use MAMP PRO and it doesn't work because it cannot write that file. Tips? Sierra 10.12.6
  16. marcosdipaolo

    Problem turning off computer

    Hi there, I built two systems not long ago, and it's time to make the post-installation fixes that i never manage to make. I'll start with the: GigaByte EP45-LGA775-UD3 with a 2.83ghz Intel quad core q9550 and 4gb Corsair dominator DDR2 ram (in other words, the remainings of my old build...
  17. marcosdipaolo

    [SOLVED] hwmonitor won't boot

    Today I realised that if I try to start hwmonitor it won't boot. No idea why. I wonder if reinstalling hwmonitor should do it and in that case how could i do that EDIT: Believe i or not, it was already running, that's why it didn't boot :crazy: Apparently my wife changed the icon and i...
  18. marcosdipaolo

    USB 3.1 Gen 2Type A port (red) not working (z270x-ud5 i7-7700k)

    Hi there everyone. I hav some Post-Installation problems in my last week two builds. I'll start with my z270x-UD5 i7-7700k build. I have a non-working USB port. It's not any port, it's the USB 3.1 Gen 2Type A port (red). All other USB ports work. I believe that port should run normally...
  19. marcosdipaolo

    [SUCCESS] EP45-UD3 - Quad Q9500 - EVGA gt170 passive

    SPECS GA-EP45-UD3 Lga 775 Intel Quad Core Q9550 Evga GT170 passive Samsung 850 evo 2x2gb Corsair dominator ddr2 pc2-8500 1066Mhz in dual channel. Tp-Link Archer t8e Sentey XCP530-TS PSU Almost everything work as expected. AUDIO I messed up and installed wrong drivers, then tried to install...
  20. marcosdipaolo

    [SUCCESS] I7 7700K-Z270X UD5-Samsung 960 EVo 250GB-ATI HD5770

    The build: i7 7700k with Hyper212 evo Gigabyte Z270x-UD5 2x 8gb Corsair vengeance LPX Corsair TX 650w Antec three hundred case Samsung 960 evo nvme 250GB Everything working fine. That includes: firewire PCI-e card for my MOTU 896 HD, ATI Radeon HD5770 (million of colors instead of billions...