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  1. Dogman

    Anyone using 10 GbE or SFP+ on a hackintosh?

    Hey guys! I'd like to improve my network speed by switching from link aggregated GbE to 10 GbE (ten gigabit of copper ethernet) or SFP+ (fibre channel). Is anyone already using this on a hackintosh? I can't a lot of information about that. I found the Thecus C10GTR using a Tehuti TN4010 chip...
  2. Dogman

    R9 280x 6GB and FCPx

    Hey guys! Today my MSI R9 280x 6GB has been delivered :) I moved my Chimera boot loader to my EFI partition using this fantastic guide: Now the system is running using the R9 280x and the system information provides...
  3. Dogman

    SSDT for my i7-4770S on a GA Z87X-D3H

    Hey guys! I'm trying to build a new SSDT for my i7-4770S on a GA Z87X-D3H. I've build a ssdt_pr.aml using version 6.8. The output of the script looks promising: v6.8 Copyright (c) 2013 by Pike R. Alpha ----------------------------------------------------------------...
  4. Dogman

    Asus p9d ws

    Hey guys! Is anybody using a ASUS P9D WS for a hackintosh? How does it work? Cheers, Dogman
  5. Dogman

    8-port SAS RAID 6 Controller

    Hey guys! I need a SAS workstation with 8 drives in a RAID 6. I thought about the LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i and found this project: Does anybody already use this controller? Or do you have a suggestion for a...