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  1. grtitan

    New Shuttle SZ77R5

    Interesting specs, looks like it will be hackintosh-friendly. Info here: ... tured.html PDF with specs:
  2. grtitan

    ASRock Z68M-ITX/HT

    Hello!! Does anyone here have this board? ... 6813157268 I ask, because even though the Gigabyte is the favorite board here, they dont have a Z68 mitx board, which is a deal breaker for me. Specs wise, looks like it should be compatible with Lion, but...
  3. grtitan

    Can someone please explain this KP error.(SOLVED)

    Hello, I'm trying to install SL, from retail cd 10.6 on my Shuttle X38 and no matter which boot cd i use, I get this KP. Specs: Shuttle X38 C2Q 8400 stock speed 4 GB ram XFX 6870 ref board 80gb WD VR All possible BIOS settings done as indicated by TonyMac guide. Commands used, -x -v PCIRoot=1...