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  1. deltagande

    HP ProBook 4540s some post-installation problems

    After installation, Ethernet was working but not keyboard and tracker board, not wifi, not USB3 and not sound (which isn't a big deal). I got USB3 working with Multibeast, but not found out yet how to get the others working. I have saved lshw and hwinfo output but cannot find any information...
  2. deltagande

    How to get hold of Mavericks

    On my Mac mini I'm running High Sierra. On my HP Workbook Pro 4540s I want to install Mavericks, since the i3 cpu on the 4540s apparently does not include SSE4.1 instructions, and so will not run anything higher, at least certainly not 10.11 and up. So off I go to get a copy of Mavericks from...
  3. deltagande

    USB stick reports unknown filesystem

    Working with a HP ProBook 4540s and trying to install Mavericks or Sierra (at the moment Sierra). I have created the USB in accordance with instructions using Unibeast 7.1.1. When I insert it into the Probook and select USB Sandisk, I get the following lines: error: unknown filesystem...
  4. deltagande

    Problem with mouse and synaptics pad

    HP Probook 4540s running Mavericks. No problems for several months (since I got it running) until last night. Suddenly the mouse, when clicked to locate cursor, 'fastened' and every time I moved the mouse it 'selected' text from click point to wherever the cursor was. I could not click again...
  5. deltagande

    Swedish keymap

    Hi: Mavericks on a 4540s. Before I start some heavy editing of the keymap, has anyone a good map for the Swedish keyboard? I have a few issues with some key combinations, such as the @ key, cut 'n' paste with keystrokes etc.
  6. deltagande

    Buying a new Wifi adapter

    Running Clover Mavericks on a HP 4540s I have an unsupported Atheros wifi card so for the time being I'm using a D-Link USB wifi mic, but I'd love to have wifi start when the computer starts and not about three minutes afterwards. I found a place advertising Broadcom wifi chips, and there are...
  7. deltagande

    What is a camera serial number?

    Clover Mavericks on a HP 4540s I have no camera function in Skype. I have it from time to time in Photo Booth. I don't know what Facetalk is so I'm not interested in that. But I'd like Skype to work. I note that, if there is no serial number showing for my camera that I'm screwed, and I can...
  8. deltagande

    [solved] Drag and drop problem and disappearing cursor

    Running Mavericks on a HP Probook 4540s. Great job, simple instructions, thank you. However I have a couple of irritating problems. When copying files from a usb disk to the internal disk, sometimes the file I am moving 'sticks' to the cursor and follows it everywhere and cannot easily be...