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  1. Yoyellow

    After Updating to 10.13.5, Black Screen

    I have this weird issue since i tried to update to 10.13.5, i cannot restart the system. When restarting i get a black screen with a cursor, i have waited for ages but it wont restart (thus wont install the update either) anyone have an idea how to sort this?
  2. Yoyellow

    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    What kind of files do you need, i got this a zip with ioreg files etc.. is there any other info thats needed..?
  3. Yoyellow

    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    I have this weird issue with a DW1830 BCM943602BAED, Wifi works, and bluetooth also "seems" to work but doesnt show any actual devices when scanning (thus unable to connect). This board should work out of the box, but it doesnt seem to do that for me... i tried FakePCIID method...
  4. Yoyellow

    erik's "Tiny But Mighty" HTPC: ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac - i5-8400 - UHD 630 Graphics - High Sierra

    NIce but still ITX... i got a smaller rig with an STX board that works 100% and its real cute :P
  5. Yoyellow

    get dual DP working on a HP Z240 SFF

    I just figured out that booting with just 1 screen works on all 3 ports, so they do work individually, but now when they are both connected...
  6. Yoyellow

    get dual DP working on a HP Z240 SFF

    I have been trying to get this to work by adding some ports in the KextsToPatch in the clover config. so far no result. From what i have found now the default ports are all DP in the config, and these can be changed by pathing them. This would mean thati do not need changes as i actually do...
  7. Yoyellow

    get dual DP working on a HP Z240 SFF

    Hello, i have the HP Z240 SFF that uses a i7-6700 (with 8GB ram) and intel 530 for graphics. This board only has 3 displayport connectors for display, and i have 2 displayport full HD screens 10.13.2 works, but its only on 1 screen. the other screen goes black halfway the booting process. I...
  8. Yoyellow

    [GUIDE/Workaround] Using Intel HD530 with Dual Monitors

    Gents. I am trying to get my 2 display ports working on this HP z240 board. It has the i7-6700 board with 530 gfx. the board has only 3 DP ports. one display works the other does not and im not sure why its not working anyone got an idea how this can be fixed..?
  9. Yoyellow

    [05/02 Added Temporary Fix] Pascal / GTX 1060 Glitching after waking from sleep

    A simple solution that seems to work for me, is to power off my monitor for a few secs, power on and screen is back to normal... (after garbled GFX when system wakes up)
  10. Yoyellow

    [05/02 Added Temporary Fix] Pascal / GTX 1060 Glitching after waking from sleep

    Im running on 10.13.2 with the lastest webdrivers and my 1060 still crashes/show the unworkable artifacts after sleep... Anything i could try.?
  11. Yoyellow

    Fix for failure NVIDIA Web Driver on High Sierra, black screen, panics.

    Thanks to this guide i have my hack running on 10.12 with my 1060 card. But i have 1 last weird issue. If u boot normally i get stuck in a rebootloop. But when boot with -v it boots normally... any idea..?
  12. Yoyellow

    What's the easiest LP to Hackintosh?

    mostly because laptops are a pita to get 100% working.. theres always something thats not working flawless, like webcam or audio sleep etc...
  13. Yoyellow

    safari using 11 gb of ram- must force stop.

    any safari extension that you are using? what happens in another (fresh) user?
  14. Yoyellow

    i7 6700k or i7 7700k?

    Be sure to check benchmarks before asuming that the 7700 will be alot faster, its only 5 to 10% then check what the price difference is, and reconsider if u want to spend that much money for such a small difference AND have to wait for os x support..
  15. Yoyellow

    Pre-Built system

    In my country (NL) there a quite a few shops (both physical and online) that create a working machine for you if you order and specify the parts needed. Maybe that is an option.. edit: i know these guys do it: use the PC configutor to make something that can be...
  16. Yoyellow

    How to Create a macOS Sierra Public Beta Installation USB

    My installer panics on some USB thing that does not want to load :(
  17. Yoyellow

    macOS Sierra Does NOT Boot with MacPro3,1 MacPro4,1 System Definitions

    I have the most annoying bug, and want to fix that before upgrading to Sierra. I have always used the macpro3.1 defs. but wanting to upgrade sierra i need another one, so im trying the imac 14.2 ones now. The issue im having is that not all USB ports port with this definition... and i cant...
  18. Yoyellow

    Guide: MultiBooting UEFI

    Whats a good way to make a windows 7 or 10 bootable usb on mac ?
  19. Yoyellow

    [Success] SCQ's Intel NUC DC3217BY (CLOVER/El Capitan)

    THe startpost of this trhead is unreadable for me due to markup language, this is most likely happend when we changed the website and such some time ago. any chance this can be fixed..?