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  1. OldFred

    DVD door removal on Mac Pro

    I have the tear down manual for my 2006 Mac Pro, but it doesn't tell how to remove the shutter doors for the DVD drives. There is one obvious screw, which I removed, but the other side of the unit appears to be clipped into place. I don't want to pull too hard as it's made of soft plastic...
  2. OldFred

    SR Tools : NEW! Kext installer/Manager undo/rollback

    Hooray! Sting is going to have mercy on us old sods who like Snow Leopard! Lion people shouldn't have all the fun! 8-) Thanks, Sting, for all your hard work. I wish I'd had this when I was fighting with video card issues.
  3. OldFred

    Wireless Options and my Build

    The most OSX compatible way is to build your own wireless card using Apple components. See here: ... -card.html You can sometimes find these ready made on eBay. Search for Hackintosh.
  4. OldFred

    My Hackintosh Build - Will it Work?

    Re: My Hackintosh Build - Is it Good? What kind of DVD drive are you planning on using? Are you sure it will boot iboot?
  5. OldFred

    Video Card Upgrade question.

    I would hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Be backed up have a spare partition with your current setup on it. You can plug in the new card and experiment on the backup to your heart's content. If it all goes wrong, put your old card back in and boot your old installation. That said, I...
  6. OldFred

    Reslution problem

    This a typical "getting everything to work" problem. My video was weird until the end of my installation. I had the problem of few useful display modes that my monitor could use. Once I upgraded to 10.6.8 things got much better. Apple supported my video card at this point. Each graphics...
  7. OldFred

    Post Pics of your Hack!

    I went for ease of changing parts. With no kids or cats around the open case works for me.
  8. OldFred

    iBoot ? BIOS ?

    How did you make your iBoot disk? You must use Disk Utility if you are on a Mac or a Windows program that makes bootable disks. I would avoid CDRWs in any case. They can be flakey.
  9. OldFred

    Help with DSDT

    See here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=35559&hilit=+DSDT
  10. OldFred

    kext nt installed properly

    Yes it is. Kexts can't be dragged and dropped or copied. You must use a kext installer. Look in MultiBeast for Kext Helper b7. Be sure to run System Utilities in MultiBeast each time you add or delete a kext.
  11. OldFred

    GA-Z68X-UDH3-B3 (F8) No Sound

    Re: GA-Z68X-UDH3-B3 (F8) Congratulations. You are on your way. I never conquered the on-board sound problem. I recommend the USB sound dongle in my signature. Here are some tips for your re-install viewtopic.php?f=3&t=34618&hilit=+tips
  12. OldFred

    Sandy Bridge CustoMac Build #3

    The key to doing a custom install as far as kexts are concerned is knowing exactly what chipsets are on your motherboard. Get out your motherboard manual (or download a copy) and write down what audio, ethernet, and disk controller chipsets you have. Write down what video card you are running...
  13. OldFred

    Sandy Bridge CustoMac Build #3

    You are a good candidate for CustomBeast. See here: custombeast.php Here is a good guide to follow: ... -x-on.html Here are my tips for new builders: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=34618&hilit=+guide Good Luck!
  14. OldFred

    GA-H67MA-USB3-B3, i5-2320. Instal problem

    Get Update Helper here: 1010110101/ Run it before you install the 10.6.8 update and then reboot. Then go for the update.
  15. OldFred

    HELP! Can't boot after a routine multibeast cache rebuild...

    How would I know that? I gave you an answer based on what you posted. You should have stated what you knew about the problem instead of coming across like a newbie. My crystal ball is cloudy! The more information you supply, the better the answer is going to be. If you don't like the advice...
  16. OldFred

    iBoot hangs on white screen w/logo

    It's early days yet on Blueray drives with OSX. Some people have gotten them to work, but I wouldn't try to install from one. Since you are having problems, use a supported DVD drive for the install, then add a Blueray when everything is working. Making a Hack is difficult and knowing that all...
  17. OldFred

    10.6.8 update failed [workaround]

    Re: 10.6.8 update failed You must run a video card with Snow Leopard, onboard graphics aren't going to work.
  18. OldFred

    HELP! Can't boot after a routine multibeast cache rebuild...

    You weren't backed up? Running a Hack without a backup is living dangerously! Hard drives are cheap and Carbon Copy Cloner is free. You will have to re-install. When you get to the desktop, stop and backup. Then as you add things, backup again. When I setup my Hack I made 7 backup partitions...
  19. OldFred

    Stuck Between iBoot and Install

    The integrated intel graphics are the problem. You can install Lion, but Snow Leopard is not supported.
  20. OldFred

    10.6.8 update failed [workaround]

    Re: 10.6.8 update failed Try this: run Update Helper, reboot, install the combo update. Reboot. Now open MultiBeast and only do the user DSDT install with System Utilities. Reboot without iBoot. Now add in MultiBeast options, one at a time with System Utilities, reboot after each new addition...