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  1. DE1988

    Stuck at progress bar - (only happened now after a month)

    Hi, I was able to install Yosemite more than a month ago. It's been successful up until now. Tried booting -v and it got stuck here (see screenshot). I can boot using flags -f -v. Please help me figure this one out. Thanks!!
  2. DE1988

    GA H67MA USB3-B-3 (newer video card compatibility)

    Hi, I've had this set up for around 3 years. What newer video cards would be compatible with this set up? Thanks! Running Yosemite GA H67MA USB3-B-3 i5 2320 Radeon HD 6870 (3 monitor setup using active Display port adapter) 16gb Gskill Memory
  3. DE1988

    Can't Install with Unibeast USB

    1. I have ML on one SSD and Windows 7 & 8 on a one HD. Everything was running fine. I can boot into any one of them with the spacebar. 2. I also have a spare SSD and I installed Mavericks. Successfull. At bootup, I could see and access all 4 OS's and choose with the spacebar. 3. Then on...
  4. DE1988

    Webcam on Mountain Lion

    Hi, I have a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema. It works with UVC (to control brightness) in Photobooth but when I start Skype (with UVC on) there's no video in Skype. it will work in Skype without UVC but it's way too bright. Anyone know of a fix for this? Or do I just have to get another cam?
  5. DE1988

    New Build from a Newbee mostly working

    Just finished my first build. I followed the tutorial on this site using the Unibeast Mountain Lion. I disconnected my video card throughout the installation. When i tried to restart I got stuck with the spinning beachball. Had to use -x to boot up and finish the installation. I then followed...
  6. DE1988

    Sandy & Ivy - Can it be both?

    Hi, I'm trying to put together my first build. I've looked at the 2012 CustoMac builds and unfortunately none of those recommended boards are available in my area (I'm in Asia). I've found a Gigabyte H67MA-USB3 for a good price and from what i've been reading, this board is compatible. I...
  7. DE1988

    Advice on GA-H61M-S2 - i5-2310 - Gigabyte HD5670 Buy

    Hi, I'm planning to build a Hackintosh. I'm located in the Philippines and have sourced out the following components. Please let me know if I'm headed in the right direction as this will be my first build. Thanks!! GA-H61M-S2-B3 (it comes with this bios. i can update the bios) Processor...