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  1. Alanhack

    Post installation fail El Capitan

    Hi guys I finished my installation and on re starting it opens in the clover screen with the following options. Boot mac os x from USB Boot mac os x from El Capitan Boot recovery from recovery HD Whichever option I choose goes to Apple logo for about thirty secs then a circlev with line through...
  2. Alanhack

    USB not picked up by new build

    Hi trying to set up my new build and followed all the instructions it does not pick up the USB although it picks up other usb's just not the one with the operating system and unibeast on. Yosemite build. Kind regards Alan
  3. Alanhack

    Creating Unibeast problems

    When I am creating Unibeast I get as far as Bootloader configuration on this page it says 16. If using a 5 or 6 Series system with AWARD BIOS choose Legacy USB Support 17. If...
  4. Alanhack

    New build is it compatible and do I need a graphics card

    Hi all I have been running a Mac pro 1.1 with a fancy graphics card. It seems to have finally bit the dust. I was looking for an option with multiple hard drive space and thats how I ended up here. I do a bit bit of photography Nikon D610 and some 1080 video home stuff. I took the graphics card...