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  1. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Big Sur Critter!

    Introducing the macOS Big Sur critter, the 11th Critter overall. Related:
  2. adamsmasher

    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    There was another BIOS update? Oh, I see that there is.
  3. adamsmasher

    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    I bought a PowerColor 580 Red Dragon and installed that, then switched my EFI to the newest upload and it's working great. Nice job @maxtools11 and @CaseySJ !
  4. adamsmasher

    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    Well, no change after switching to DP, although there's always the possibility that my BIOS settings are not correct, though.
  5. adamsmasher

    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    The BIOS should be updated to whatever was newest as of a week or two ago (I'm working so I can't check at the moment, but I'm pretty sure it's that version). I wasn't aware that HDMI doesn't work because 630 was working with HDMI on my 3xx system. I ordered a DP cable from Amazon so I can try...
  6. adamsmasher

    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    I have the same board and CPU (not using a graphics card, though) as you @maxtools11, but I got a kernel panic and reboot during boot. I gave it a go as the system boots and works but I don't have IGPU graphics acceleration.
  7. adamsmasher

    macOS 10.15 Catalina is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    All good on Gigabyte z370 Aurus Gaming 3 and Intel 630. Make sure you add -disablegfxfirmware as a boot option; I couldn't boot without that.
  8. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Catalina Critter!

    Introducing the macOS Catalina critter, the 10th Critter overall. Related:
  9. adamsmasher

    MacOS: Light Mode or Dark Mode?

    Dark, like my coffee
  10. adamsmasher

    UniBeast: Install macOS Mojave on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Thanks for the heads up - I've fixed this.
  11. adamsmasher

    Solved > Where did the threads I'm "following" go?

    It wasn't, so I added it the user drop-down in the navigation just now.
  12. adamsmasher

    Solved > Where did the threads I'm "following" go?

    I believe this is what you are looking for in regards to threads you are following: I don't think there's a way right now with XF to see what you yourself have liked, or if there is I'm not sure where it is. :silent:
  13. adamsmasher

    No announcement of changes to web site?

    Do you see a magnifying glass on the top right? Clicking on that should expand a search modal.
  14. adamsmasher

    No announcement of changes to web site?

    I think we had intended to do a Facebook/Twitter announcement about maintenance, but ended up being busy with unexpected issues after the migration and it fell through the cracks. If something seems broken let me know, though!
  15. adamsmasher

    Errors in Buyer's Guide

    Thanks for the screenshots! I've updated both to have the correct board type. I'm not sure that providing the guide in a different format is in the works, but thanks for the suggestion.
  16. adamsmasher

    Question about links to Amazon

    It's really personal choice if you want to link to the US Amazon or the ES Amazon. Most of our members are in the US so it's probably more broadly beneficial to do that, though feel free to do whichever you'd prefer.
  17. adamsmasher

    Introducing the macOS Mojave Critter!

    Introducing the macOS Mojave critter, the first desert critter after a succession of 4 mountain-based critters, and the 9th OS critter overall. I was hoping when the name was announced that there'd be a cactus, but alas no. Maybe next year. Related...
  18. adamsmasher

    i9 processor type is missing in Build Signature profile

    I added an i9 CPU type to that along with "other" as the only choice for now.
  19. adamsmasher

    Browser window hijacked and forwarded to fake "you have a virus" page.

    Are you still seeing that? It's possible a funky Google ad could have done that, but if so Google usually finds and removes them from their system.
  20. adamsmasher

    Policy and Terms

    Clear your browser cache - that should let you view the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.