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  1. Archangeliques

    Software Update Safari 14.0

    Hi, anyone updated via System Pref yet? Any issues? Thanks!
  2. Archangeliques

    Switching between different Clover builds

    Hi, I have Clover Dids build installed. I'd like to switch to the original build as it keeps updated unlike Dids one. How can I switch to the original build? Installing over would do the trick? Or should I uninstall first then install to avoid any conflicts etc? Thanks!
  3. Archangeliques

    Trimforce vs Clover KextToPatch

    Hi, I'd like to know if there is any difference between Trimforce and Clover KextToPatch and which one we should go with? Thanks!
  4. Archangeliques

    TRIM on Mojave

    Hi, I've enabled TRIM via Terminal after a few days of use the system. I read from that turning TRIM on is okay but once it is turned on, turning it off causes corruption and data loss and one needs to avoid it. Also, read that after enabling the TRIM it's recommended to restart into SafeBoot...
  5. Archangeliques

    Installing Mojave on MSI H97 GAMING 3

    Hi there, it has been a long time since I write here. This time is for desktop. I'm planning to dual boot with Windows 10 and MacOS Mojave. I have 3 drives, 2 SATA 3 SSD, one for Win and one for MacOS and a HDD that I use for storage. Here's my full specs: MSI H97 GAMING 3 Intel H97 Express...
  6. Archangeliques

    USB Connect/Disconnect issue

    Hi, I was having a USB connect/disconnect issue with USB 2.0 ports. RehabMan suggested to check the ports with Windows to see if it's s/w or h/w issue, I completed the tests. The background information is here on another thread. In short, all 4 USB devices (2x 3.0, 2x 2.0) work on USB 3.0 port...
  7. Archangeliques

    10.12.6 to 10.13.1 Update Installer Black Screen Issue

    Hi, I'm getting black screen when booted with Install MacOS Sierra. I've pasted the startosinstall code to terminal, it did its thing and restarted, then I selected Install MacOS Sierra and loading bar with Apple logo appeared, bar filled 60%ish, then black screen welcomed me. I checked the...
  8. Archangeliques

    Sleep/Wake issue Asus TP500L

    Hi, I've completed custom SSDT for USBInjectAll and everything seems same. Sleep is not working properly. So, whenever I clicked Apple/Sleep or, close the lid or Fn+F1, screen turns off, fans keep running for almost 20 secs and then laptop goes into sleep, power led blinking state. I realised...
  9. Archangeliques

    Sometimes No Audio when restarted with Asus TP500LB

    Well it's not sometimes, I rebuilt cache and audio is gone. There is no boot without caches when pressed space bar... It's a strange issue so I wanted to create a separate thread. I realized that sometimes when I restarted I got no audio. Simply restarting again causes the issue, however, I...
  10. Archangeliques

    Kernel Panic :"zone_init:kmem-suballoc failed" on Asus TP500LB

    Hi, First timer here. I follow the guides and created installation disk. Bios setup is also as guided. However when I boot with the disk Clover menu appears, then I press enter, Apple logo shown and a few seconds later I get kernel panic. I read a lot since then. It seems it's memory issue. I...