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  1. eliapplethetech

    [Solved] Crash in installation

    Bump. I have this issue as well.
  2. eliapplethetech

    MacBook Pro keeps reseting and doesn't even reach to apple logo

    Does it make the beep sound?
  3. eliapplethetech


    If your computer just gave up and is stuck on the mobo splash screen, don't lose hope! Here are a few tips: To make your computer boot, remove SATA cable, and short the CMOS_RESET pins. Your computer will turn on. Wait for a subtle "click" sound. That means the CMOS reset. Then wait for the...
  4. eliapplethetech

    Name the Next macOS (10.13)

    High Sierra. :p
  5. eliapplethetech

    computer crashes daily if at sleep... usually

    So what would I do to solve those? How would you fix the stuck at manufacturer logo issue, also?
  6. eliapplethetech

    computer crashes daily if at sleep... usually

    No. But how do you mean by cold booting?
  7. eliapplethetech

    computer crashes daily if at sleep... usually

    Is there a tutorial for that? I tried and it wouldn't budge.
  8. eliapplethetech

    computer crashes daily if at sleep... usually

    So my computer is always crashing in sleep when I get home... this is the error report: and my computer appertantly gets stuck at manufacturer logo, becuase my computer won't start up without the CMOS being reset. How can I fix this?
  9. eliapplethetech

    Do You Game on Your Hackintosh?

    Does pocket planes count as gaming?
  10. eliapplethetech

    Stuck at manufacturer logo

    I was just out and about one day and my computer was asleep. I come home to the manufacturer logo. I wait a bit. Still on. Look through the internet, nothing helps. I can't get into BIOS setting or F12 or anything. I try CMOS reset. Nope. I unplug SATA, do a CMOS reset, then still doesn't work...
  11. eliapplethetech

    Post Your Dock

    I'm guessing you like making music... me too!
  12. eliapplethetech

    HELP! Just installed, dual boot, and now I lost multi-monitor support - in Windows!

    Are you booting to Windows with Clover? Also, what is your 'initial display output' setting in BIOS? The Clover bootloader might not be loading the graphics right... and using IGFX (in BIOS) or something along those lines will probably mess some things up graphic-wise.
  13. eliapplethetech

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    PING 12 ms DOWNLOAD 22.60 Mbps UPLOAD 1.29 Mbps shame on me :cry:
  14. eliapplethetech

    What was your primary reason for building a hackintosh?

    In the 2011's, I had always wanted a Mac, and finally, I got one! It was MacBook Pro 13''. I was hooked. 5 years later, it started getting slow. So, in January 2016, I got a shiny new MacBook! (Retnia, Late 2015) I had always wanted to build a computer, but I thought it took serious...
  15. eliapplethetech

    OSX on a Microsoft Surface Pro

    OSX on Microsoft Hardware? That's turning the tables....
  16. eliapplethetech

    Post Your Dock

    Finder Siri Launchpad Chrome Mail Notes Reminders Dictionary Calculator Word Powerpoint Excel Outlook OneNote iMessage Facetime Spotify BitT******t Terminal OBS Minecraft (I embrace it) Roblox (why is this on my dock?) Grammarly Sketchup VirtualBox Fritzing Lastpass ProPresenter Hangouts Skype...
  17. eliapplethetech

    Installer "stuck on gray" SOLUTION

    Upon booting the installer, you may come across a gray screen with a spinning beach ball. Don't wait longer than 15 minutes, try this: Use Unibeast 7.1.1. That may fix things. If that doesn't work, got to EFI > CLOVER > Kexts > Other. Is there a FakeSMC.kext? If not, download it. If you do...
  18. eliapplethetech

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.3 (367.15.10.35)

    You could say that about a lot of Apple stuff. AirPort, Thunderbolt Display, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iPod, Mac Pro, etc... all Apple cares about is iPhone and MacBook (Pro). Also, nVidia's certificate of security is expiring soon. (Next year-ish)
  19. eliapplethetech

    Various Problems with Nvidia Titan (Maxwell) or 780.

    I heard that that profile has problems.
  20. eliapplethetech

    [Guide] Lenovo Y50 (UHD or 1080p) using Clover UEFI (10.11)

    See if this appeals to you: