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  1. zurie

    [Solved] Mojave installer expired (BIOS and system clocks are different)

    Similar to this post My problem is that when I try to install Mojave and restart the installer craps out with the expired message. When I look at my Mac time and my BIOS time they...
  2. zurie

    [SOLVED] SSD Cannot boot clover keeps booting Chimera 4.1

    I run the Clover installer, UEFI boot, install to ESP, check the EFI partition, etc etc.. no matter what, reboot, there is Chimera 4.1 bootloader. tried to format the EFI and redo, same thing.. almost like i am stuck with chimera forever. any ideas? Gigabyte X99-UD5 Wifi
  3. zurie

    [HELP] RAID1 (Mirror) 10.6.x Chameleon RC5 / Panics / ACPI

    I have a beautiful working EP35-DS3P with a DSDT that is so tuned that I only need two kexts (FakeSMC, and a Realtek dummy 889a kext). I originally put my extras in a EFI partition and booted flawlessly from there. Recently I just purchased 2TB x 2 drives and created a Raid1 Mirrored Set. I...