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  1. DylanHu

    Need help: Messed up my drive

    Ok here's the story: I have a PC with an ssd and a hard drive. The ssd has my Windows OS and everything, and the hard drive has a Hackintosh macOS Sierra on it. I decided to clone macOS to a partition on the ssd to get much faster speeds, but now I can't boot into windows. I followed...
  2. DylanHu

    Hard Drive Not Detected During Sierra Installation

    Hi, I'm quite new at hackintoshes but I decided to try to run macOS on a separate hard drive on my computer. I followed the instructions on the main installation guide, which recommended I use Unibeast and Multibeast instead of Clover. So I created a boot USB with Unibeast and I "dragged...
  3. DylanHu

    Compatibility Check: i7 4790K, Z87 chipset, GTX 760, Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 RAM 1600Mhz

    Hi, I just started reading about hackintoshes and I was wondering whether or not my current build would be compatible for macOS.