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  1. gusduenas

    sierra not installing stuck at white apple and bar doesn't advance

    Hi I've been trying to install sierra on this build Asrock Z170 extreme 6 mobo i7 6700K nvidia quadro 5000 graphic card samsumg ssd 500gb 16 gb memory computer doesn't have wifi btw and after the unibeast screen I've try to install the osx on the computer but it just stuck at...
  2. gusduenas

    will this work?

    hi ive already buy this and im curious if i can make this build work out of the box. mobo asrock z170 extreme 6 intel i7 6700k lga 1151 corsair vengeance lpx 16gb 2x8gb nvidia quadro 5000 samsumg ssd 250gb i need this build as a workstation for my church to handle from graphic design, web...
  3. gusduenas

    MOBO recomendations

    Hi I'm looking to make my first custom build for lion, does someone knows about the best for a budget (no more than $800): MOBO: prefferently Gigabyte or Assus CPU: I7 preferently Graphic card: Nvidia or ATI (one good for workstations) Case: Haf32 from CoolerMaster memory at least of 8GB...
  4. gusduenas

    my first build

    being in mac all the time, but recently the economy took a toll on me and I have no more money to upgrade directly to a mac, I will try the hackingtosh first time. Any advice for supported MOBO, Memory, Chip (i7 or i5), graphic card, CD-DVD-RW unit and HD? Any help would be appreciated.