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  1. hughjaas

    Final Cut Pro X FCPX Graphic Card performance

    Here's a link to a benchmark many are using that will help in deciding what graphic card to buy for FCPX use: (When you run the benchmark, just output to standard ProRes. Most are having trouble exporting to...
  2. hughjaas

    Final Cut Pro X 10.1

    One of the features of today's update to Final Cut Pro is the performance gain with the dual GPUs in the new Mac Pros. Will adding an identical video card to my Hackintosh give me a similar speed increase?
  3. hughjaas

    Final Cut Pro X FCPX Graphic Card advice

    I'm acquiring parts for my first build, and LGA 2011/3930k and I am thoroughly confused as to which video card works best for rendering and exporting with Final Cut Pro X. Price is not as important as performance. I am willing to pay a premium for speed and stability since it should pay for...