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  1. lanopticx

    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H onboard graphics resolution

    I know this is a super old thread but I am building a smaller hackintosh for my wife from older parts and using this identical board with a 4690k. How would you ever get these reso's and refresh rates over DP when the motherboard doesn't even have a DP connection? The board only has VGA, DVI and...
  2. lanopticx

    h.264 encoding with Vega 64 on Haswell 4790k using FCPX

    After weeks of trying many different methods and reading through pretty much every thread on this site and others, I still cannot get Mojave working right with my Vega 64 and Haswell system 4790k. Here's what I am running in the build I am trying to get this working on: Gigabyte GA-Z97X UD3h...
  3. lanopticx

    Kernel Panic after 2 days of sleep on Z97 mobo

    All, I was plagued by this issue on my z97x ud3h board since Yosemite. I even upgraded to Mojave (even though I have a nVidia 970) to test it there and had the same issue. However, I am pleased to say that I've had sleep working now for about 2-3 weeks leaving my machine running 24/7 with about...
  4. lanopticx

    [Solved] Secondary SSD Causing slow icons/finder load?

    I can't recall if I fixed it or if it just went away after clearing kext cache. If I can remember I will report back, wish I could be of more help! :/
  5. lanopticx

    R9 390 or GTX 970 for my new 4k build?

    Sorry, just saw your post. Yeah, the nVidia card is great, I'd recommend it as I've had 0 issues and it's honestly more power than I probably even need (I don't really game) but when I bought it, Doom had just came out and it ran that game with flying colors, high settings, AA etc etc. I don't...
  6. lanopticx

    Update Directly to macOS High Sierra

    I had the same issues with Method 1, getting stuck at the "gIOScreenLockState" line. After like 3 hours of trying many things like removing GPU, switching PCI cards around, removing RAM sticks etc. I ended up just giving up. I don't really feel like installing HFS+ as using the new Apple File...
  7. lanopticx

    macOS 10.12.6 Update

    The update was flawless for me directly from the AppStore even using 17,1 booted no issues. Unfortunately, I didn't even see the update when I clicked update, all I saw was an update for 1Password. So the only issue I have is choppy graphics due to no nVidia drivers, wish I had paid more...
  8. lanopticx

    macOS 10.12.6 Update

    How did you get your nVidia card working without web drivers?
  9. lanopticx

    El Capitan Skylake sleep/wake/restart problems

    Anyone ever get this sorted out? I've tried everything, creating SSDT, setting up native power management. I still get the wake from sleep kernel panic: Drivers Failure panic during wake due to SAT0
  10. lanopticx

    OS X Driver for NVMe M.2 Solid State Drives Released

    Tony, This is excellent news! I've been waiting to pick up a 950 PRO for my z97x-ud3h until more support became available. Question, when you say "install the NVMeGeneric.kext in Clover's EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.11" you put this on the drive itself once OSx is installed OR in the EFI partition on...
  11. lanopticx

    First Build, HEEELP!

    I can say the 4790k works great, I have one. You will have no issues with a GTX770. The motherboard I'm not so sure about as I have no experience with that model.
  12. lanopticx

    Disabling CPU PLL Overvoltage? Bluetooth keyboard delays

    Did you ever solve this issue? I'm having other similar issues with my z97x ud3h. Sometimes the keyboard just seems to stop working in the middle of things or fails to work at boot. I also find that every so often it seems like USB just resets itself in the middle of browsing the web and other...
  13. lanopticx

    Bluetooth Help!!

    From my experience none of those dongles actually work and if they do they're not stable. The best bet is to get a card with the BCM94360CD chip as that's what Apple uses in their own systems. You can get a combo card that has wifi and bluetooth. They will also provide out of the box support...
  14. lanopticx

    First Build, HEEELP!

    As trs96 said, it would really be nice if you'd just put the hardware in your post. I clicked the link in your post and there's not even anything there.
  15. lanopticx

    [Solved] Secondary SSD Causing slow icons/finder load?

    Ok this is a weird one. When I boot into OSX it boots quite fast, maybe 7 until I get into the login screen. What's weird is that once I enter my login it takes 30-40 seconds before I can enter into Finder or the desktop Icons (Hard Disk Icons) will appear, I get the beachball and everything...
  16. lanopticx

    CMStorm QuickFire TK Not working properly

    yatsu, did you ever figure this out? I have the same problem with the keyboard randomly stops working. Sometimes it will boot and I can't even type my password. Only way to fix is to unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. UPDATE: I don't think this is at all unique to Hackintosh systems. I...
  17. lanopticx

    USB keyboard stops working

    Did anyone ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem in El Capitan with my CM Storm QuckFire TK.
  18. lanopticx

    Monitor goes into sleep at boot using Display Port

    Ok, I don't really know WHY this fixed it, but selecting "Windows 8 WHQL" in my bios rather than "Other OS" fixed this problem in addition to also fixing Clover's weird distorted resolution. So now, Clover is 3440x1440 as well as the Apple Logo and Loading Bar and my monitor no longer turns off...
  19. lanopticx

    Monitor goes into sleep at boot using Display Port

    [SOLVED] Monitor goes into sleep at boot using Display Port Just finished my new build and everything is going pretty good. Killer Geekbench scores. The only problem I am having which is super annoying is that after El Capitan starts loading and the Apple and loading bar disappears the monitor...
  20. lanopticx

    R9 390 or GTX 970 for my new 4k build?

    Ok good advice. Are there certain models that are a better bet than others? MSI, PowerColor etc? I'm really leaning towards just ordering the Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming but I feel like if I could get the 390 working relatively painlessly it could be worth having the extra 4gb since I'm at 4k.