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  1. ayandon

    Recovery not working

    Friends, In my High Sierra Hackintosh with Clover, I have multiple Recovery menu item in Clover Boot menu, but, none of the Recovery options work! Keeps on showing the White Apple logo. My Hackintosh itself is 100% stable. P.S. I have a Nvidia GT 1030 Graphics card.
  2. ayandon

    [Solved] System Hanging after installing Nvidia Webdrive

    Dear Friends, I am new to the Hackintosh World. Building a Hackintosh with your suggestions and some tutorials. I installed High Serria (from App store) on my i3 2120 Socket-1155 Processor with ASUS H61M-CS motherboard. I added a Zotec GT 610 Graphics card with DVI connection...
  3. ayandon

    Maverick Hackintosh: iMessage not working

    Dear friend, I have successfully installed Maverick Hackintosh on a old Core2Duo based system with 4GB DDR2 RAM and Radeon HD7750 Graphics card. I also have Broadband Internet connection. Currently, I can login and use iTunes, App Store, iCloud. No problem here. But iMessage is not working...