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  1. SIjano

    iMac 2013 using as external display

    Hey, I don't know I am right here but I want to buy me an iMac mid 2014. I want to use my Windows PC sometimes so I want to connect it to the iMac wich is then used as an normal display. I know that the iMac 2014 only supports thunderbolt in the target display mode. Is it possible that I buy...
  2. SIjano

    Asus Maximus VIII Hero supported?

    Nobody installed OS X on a R9 390X based PC?
  3. SIjano

    Asus Maximus VIII Hero supported?

    Thank you. I installed hackintosh and with iGPU everthing works fine but I can’t run OS X with my Graphicscard. That happens if I connect my GPU: 1. Clover shows up 2. I select OS X Image (verbose mode) 3. OS X is booting and then blackscreen/no signal Can anyone help me please
  4. SIjano

    Asus Maximus VIII Hero supported?

    Hey, I want to install OS X on my system but I don't know if my motherboard and my GPU is supported.... anyone here has maybe some experience with this motherboard. CPU: Intel i7-6700k GPU: AMD R9 390X Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Hero Thank you