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  1. undo_undo

    MacMan's Build: ASUS TUF Z390-PRO GAMING - i9-9900K - Vega 64 - Updated for 10.14.6 and NVRAM Support

    @MacMan - I followed your guide (up to running UniBeast to boot) and I got to install Mojave but when I tried to boot from USB drive after install has been done, I get the KP. I have attached the picture of my screen and EFI from the USB drive. Can you please point out what could be wrong? MB...
  2. undo_undo

    No Audio Devices - AppleHDA Realtek Audio

    Hi Toleda - Just want to thank you for your brilliant work here. I was about to post my audio problem, but thanks to your guide I was able to sort my audio issue for Sierra. Basically I did standard multibeast install for ALC888. After reboot no audio, I went through your troubleshooting guide...
  3. undo_undo

    Best sleep method for GA-z68xp-UD4 in Lion 10.7.1

    For those of who have sleep/wake with no CMOS reset on reboot to work for Gigabyte z68 board, can you please share how you did it? So far from what I gather, there are 3 options: 1. Apply patch to /S/L/E/AppleRTC.Kext. 2. Use AppleRTC from SL 10.6.8. or 3. Use application called "Please...
  4. undo_undo

    is it worth installing Lion?

    Depends, if you use SL for browsing or to do day to day stuff, you shouldn't have need for Lion. But If you do Xcode and you want to use the latest Xcode IDE then you need to move on to Lion as the latest version of Xcode requires the latest version of OSX. But also, some of the look and feel...
  5. undo_undo

    Can't Sleep in Lion

  6. undo_undo

    Dashboard widget in Lion

    Great! Thank you!
  7. undo_undo

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 - i7 2600K - G5 Case

    No worries, got everything worked out.
  8. undo_undo

    Dashboard widget in Lion

    Hi all, I just completed installing Lion 10.7.1 and I think everything work fine; oob GFX, speedstep, network, sound, sleep, eSata, dual monitor, and etc. But when I drop widgets into dashboard I don't see water splash effect which I used to see in Snow Leopard (only see ginee effect instead)...
  9. undo_undo

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 - i7 2600K - G5 Case

    Ed_Saxman, I have the same motherboard and CPU. I have Lion 7.1 working, but I am having trouble getting speedstep and sleep to work. Can you please let me know how you get those to work? PS: Your system looks lovely!!!
  10. undo_undo

    ATI 5770 and Apple 27"

    Hi, I am looking to get ACD 27" for my hackintosh. I currently use vanilla install SL 10.6.5. I use 64 bit kernel currently and I was wondering if i can use XFX HD-577X-ZMF3 Radeon HD 5770 under 64bit kernel. Can anyone confirm if above combo is possible? Thanks.