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  1. arkanis

    Getting Kernel Panics and Boot Errors with Latest Public Beta

    I'm trying to upgrade to the latest public beta, but I'm getting kernel panics and quite some errors when booting... previous version installed just fine. Gonna try to make a "clean install" again, boring since I had already a mostly functional install. :banghead:
  2. arkanis

    Unable to install/boot on X9DAi and dual Sandy Bridge Xeons.

    Howdy everyone, Been suffering on this one, I've already read all the posts around in the forum regarding dropping MATS/BGRT, adding the fix under Clover, replacing previous AppleACPI kext... none of these haver worked so far, or maybe I am doing it wrong. I get a Kernel Panic every time...
  3. arkanis

    Various Problems with Nvidia Titan (Maxwell) or 780.

    Dear all, I've been fighting two issues under Sierra for a couple of weeks and I can't seem to find a proper solution, maybe some enlightened mind here might help me. First of all here are my specs: Mobo: Supermicro X9DAi CPUs: 2 x Xeon 2650 (Sandy) RAM: 32Gb GPU: Titan or 780 on slot 1...
  4. arkanis

    Gigabyte X58A-UD5 v2 + Quadro 5000

    Hello everyone, Those with a X58A-UD5, wich smbios.plist is better to make it run ? Also to get Quadro 5000 (Fermi) run full power ? Actualy I'm running with Mac Pro 3,1 and OpenGL is quite low. Thank you for the replies, A.