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  1. snam11

    from gtx970 to rx 570 weird sleep behaviour

    long story short: i'm on a skylake with imac 17.1 def, no fancy setup, just basic kext on efi folder (applealc/fakesmc/lilu/weg/intelmausi/vodoops2/usbinjectall), and patched ssdt for 6700k cpu. i've updated my current hack with amd card for future os x updates, and now i'm on latest high...
  2. snam11

    rx 570 itx 4GB or RX5500 XT SF 4GB

    hi guys, "simple" question. I'm stucked on high sierra due to my gpu (nvidia gtx 970), but latest adobe cc needs at least mojave to run, so is time to upgrade my skylake sysyop. i've pinpointed those 2 gpu (i have a matx case so i can't fit a full size 3 fan gpu) price of rx 570 is insane (new...
  3. snam11

    Zotac GTX 1080 Mini or AMD Vega 64?

    I'm currently using an ASUS Z170M Plus build (, and I own a GTX 970. The machine works flawlessly on El Capitan. But, I want to do a little upgrade of my GPU because I want to update to Sierra...
  4. snam11

    security update 2017-001 10.11.6

    this morning under update i saw this new security update. is it safe to install it? what about the nvidia drivers(i'm on latest 346.03.15f06)? has some1 already installed it? thanx