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  1. movingincirc

    Idling for 10 minutes causes Sierra to lag/freeze for a couple of minutes

    Whenever I leave my computer for about 10 minutes or so, then I return back to use it, the computer lags and freezes for 30 seconds before it becomes usable again. However, when I use my computer for 6-7 hours straight without any breaks, it works fine without any lag. It only happens when my...
  2. movingincirc

    Can Maxwell and Pascal GPU cards co-exist on the same machine?

    I'm dualbooting Windows 10 and macOS Sierra. I currently have a Pascal card, but am getting tired of waiting for pascal support. Is it possible to buy a Maxwell card (Geforce 740) and install it while the Pascal is already installed? Will there be any issues with running macOS?
  3. movingincirc

    [SOLVED] Can't click on Sierra

    I can't seem to click on Sierra to select it and it won't let me continue. I just re-downloaded Sierra today on my Macbook Pro running 10.12.1 16B2657 .
  4. movingincirc

    Skylake + M.2 drive issue (boot just shows +++++++++...)

    Here's my EFI folder including config.plist: I have an ASUS Z170-a, Samsung 950 Pro NVMe 512GB (installed this patch...