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  1. Itay113

    Bluetooth and WiFi card

    Hey, I am looking for a Bluetooth and WiFi supported card for macOS Big Sur that works straight out of the box style for Gigabyte B150M-D3H DDR4 motherboard, which card is the most recommended that works pretty much all the time and straight out of the box? I saw this card...
  2. Itay113

    Accessing internal macOS drive in macOS

    Hey everyone, I've just installed macOS big sur on my 240gb ssd and I have another drive with 1tb that has on it macOS catalina. Now I am trying to accessing via finder but it is not appearing in it, tried to go to Disk Utility and I tried to press mount drive but it gives me error.. Btw, both...
  3. Itay113

    GTX 1060 High Sierra graphics glitches

    Hey, my friend installed mac os high sierra and he has graphics glitches, he tried installing nvidia web driver and it still not working, he tried to update in the app store and still not working, someone know how to fix it? his specs is intel i5 6600k, gtx 1060, mac os high sierra build is 17G66
  4. Itay113

    Over usage of ram

    Hey everyone, I've installed OpenCore catallina hackintosh about 4 months ago and since I having over usage of ram (I am talking about 1 gb left for usage) so I thought I need to upgrade the ram, so that what I did, I upgraded from 8 gb of ram to 16 gb but still, and its the same problem, I am...