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  1. pravbk100

    (Success) gigabyte z77ud3h, i7 3770k, rx480

    Followed this guide - Everything went smooth. Not a single problem till now. No need of lilu or whatevergreen kext, or any other Kexts except what suggested in the guide. Dp audio working by...
  2. pravbk100

    [Solved] High sierra cant load after installation

    Installed high sierra, but it reboots just after showing apple logo and progress bar. attached verbose mode report.
  3. pravbk100

    Successfully installed, but have to press power for login screen

    Followed this but since i chose existing sierra, it updated that system. I have lilu, whatevergreen, fakesmc, atheros2200 kexts in clover other folder. When i boot it goes to apple loading screen after that...