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  1. RustyIsotope

    [solved] AppleALC + Lilu = Bootloop

    On my Dell 9350 I have added the latest releases of AppleALC.kext and Lilu.kext to CLOVER/kext/Other for enabling audio. With these kexts present, my machine displays the apple logo and restarts instantly. I have CodecCommander install to /S/L/E. I read that I should use the flags -alcbeta and...
  2. RustyIsotope

    High Sierra Install Error

    I created my USB using the RehabMan guide. I can boot the installer and complete the 1st half of the installation on my Dell 9350. Once the machine reboots to continue the install it stops after a few seconds and provides the attached error log. Any idea what could causing this?
  3. RustyIsotope

    Headphone Static

    I have audio working on my Dell 9350 (ALC256 codec) using CloverHDA, CodecCommander and ALC256 SSDT. The headphone port works as does the internal speakers but there is an annoying background static from the headphone port. Internal speakers are clear and crisp with no static. Also when the amp...
  4. RustyIsotope

    NVMe Patches Clarification

    I have read over the guide on how to patch the IONVMeFamily.kext. However, I don't understand how this pertains to using these patches during the installation phase. On my XPS 13 my SSD (set to AHCI in bios) does not show up in disk utility when trying to install 10.12.4. I applied the 10.12.4...
  5. RustyIsotope

    Are NVMe SSD's supported in Sierra?

    I know they did not work in El Capitan. Is it still the same case in Sierra?
  6. RustyIsotope

    Odd Mouse Problem

    So I have both Windows 10 and El Capitan installed on my desktop and the mouse scrolling doesn't work properly after rebooting from Windows. Has anyone else had a problem like this?
  7. RustyIsotope

    [solved] BCM94322HM8L WiFi Card

    Since the original WiFi card that was in my laptop was incompatible, I purchased this WiFi card that supposedly is fully compatible with 10.11 (only $8). (According to this...
  8. RustyIsotope

    Amd r9 280

    Has anyone used this card when installing El Capitan? It seems to cause the first boot after install to freeze for me. Any suggestions?
  9. RustyIsotope

    Asus X202E HDMI Audio

    One of the last problems I have been trying to solve is fixing the HDMI audio output. I was taking a look over on the HDMI audio section but most of that looks to be for desktops. I am using a patched AppleHDA kext for my audio but I'm not sure that makes a difference. Under the output tab in...