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  1. osx01

    help, BIOS extract for modify DVMT memory

    Hi, guys. As the update of 10.11.4, the HD 530 seems be fully working. For me, I try many settings like (Inject/intel, ig-platform-id) and patch in hd530 full works, but all fails for my HD 530. I should miss a step of modifying the DVMT memory before installing the OS X. As mentioned in the...
  2. osx01

    [help][RealTek ALC 255 and general question about install]

    [help][RealTek ALC 255 and generate DSDT: syntax error($premature end of file) duplicate
  3. osx01

    [help][config for skylake HD530]

    [closed] current, not supported by OS X 10.11.3. closed
  4. osx01

    [help] dell optiplex micro 7040 to hackintosh

    Hi, guys. I have a micro 7040 with a configuration: i7 6700T, Drr4 8G, M.2 128G SSD (no SATA disk), no external pci-e GPU, ubuntu. Currently, I want to install EI Caption on this desktop. I have tried some method on the web...