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  1. Victorlee

    Next generation of hackintosh... On iPad!?

    As everybody know.Apple just released Mac mini with Silicon A12Z.Can run macOS BigSur on it.As I know.In near future.ipad will put A12 on it. Maybe,Macos can run on iPad! On on any others ARM devices! Dear developers.Please work on it! Cheers. Victor Lee
  2. Victorlee

    Cannot use touch screen in XPS 15 7590 in Catalina

    I recently installed Catalina 10.15.5 in my XPS 7590.Anything worked perfectly except touch screen. I had put following kext in c/k/o: VoodooI2C VoodooI2CHID Can anyone help me please?
  3. Victorlee

    Can I triple boot Ubuntu/Windows/Catalina with Opencore?

    I have a laptop,and I want to triple boot these os with opencore.But there is only one ssd on my laptop. So can I make it?
  4. Victorlee

    My laptop just show this and stuck

    My envy 17t i7-5500 GTX950M When boot into Catalina.It just stuck and show these words. Could someone help?
  5. Victorlee

    Why can’t Touch ID work on hackintosh?

    As everybody know intel’s WiFi card kext just be developed these days. But why can’t Touch ID work? I hope some experts of hackintosh can develop it. Or can tell me why CAN’T? Thanks a lot
  6. Victorlee

    Can this way works on dual gpu laptops?

    According to Rehabman,macOS cannot run on dual-GPU laptop.So we have to disabled dedicated GPU via BIOS to boot into macOS.But if we disabled UHD620/630 by modifying scrips and put kext into bootable disk.Then we can boot macOS in single GPU.Take HP Spectre X360 for example,it has UHD620 ang...
  7. Victorlee

    Is Synaptics fp sensor Kext?

    I have a laptop with Synaptics fingerprint reader can I enable it for Touch ID? Can someone give me kext? Thanks a lot
  8. Victorlee

    Is toughbook CF-C2 his controller is i2c or not?

    I’m going to buy a new Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 I want to know whether the hid controller of CF-C2 is i2c or not
  9. Victorlee

    Can someone Help me to choose

    I’m going to buy new laptop Here are some choices: 1.Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet Intel Core i5-2520M 2.Hp touchsmart 810 Intel Core i5-5500 3.Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 Intel Core i5-2520M 4.Hp elite x2 1012 Intel Core M5-6Y54 I need touchscreen So can someone give me some...
  10. Victorlee

    Solved > Can celeron n4000 hackintosh?

    I have an asus laptop with intel celeron n4000 processor can I install macOS Mojave on it?
  11. Victorlee

    Can enable right click for tablet?

    Can hackintosh touchscreen laptop enable right click to paste the words,throw something into trash can ···etc. If can it will be a perfect hackintosh tablet computer. Thanks