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  1. piter2619

    can't boot without unibeast usb stick

    Hello all, i've successfully installed Mavericks via unibeast installation, then ran multibeast and bootloader at all!!! All information concerning my sandy bridge laptop is written on my profile; here's what I've done so far: 0) gpt (guid) partitioned my hdd throught disk...
  2. piter2619

    wake reason: glan ehc1 ehc2

    Hello Finally I'm able to boot without the NullAppleIntelCPUPowerManagement !!! :D I've extracted the SSDT tabe, put it in /Extra folder then unselected Generate P C States flags then selected DropSSDT flag and thats it Now..The sleep is properly working, just the pc wakes up...
  3. piter2619

    where to put dsdt.aml

    my question is: where do i have to put the dsdt.aml file in order to be loaded at boot by the unibeast usb bootloader? thanks
  4. piter2619

    boot fail after dsdt multibeast

    Hello everyone i installed mountain lion on my mbr partition with unibeast method and everything was working fine except the sleep function, so i decided to use multibeast user dsdt for post installation.. i've extracted the dsdt directly from my motherboard with dsdt editor and put it on the...