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  1. bashirov.artur

    [Guide] HP ProBook 440 G6 i5 8265u Big Sur 11.0.1 OpenCore

    Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you my success of installing maOS Big Sur on my HP ProBook 440 G6. My specs are: CPU: Intel Core I5 8265u 1,6 Ghz to 3,9 Ghz in TurboBoost mode. GPU: Intel UHD 620 (AAPL,ig-platform-id 0900A53E, device-id A53E0000) Audio: Realtek ALC 236 (layout-id 14...
  2. bashirov.artur

    Which patches do I need, and how to check it.

    Hello everybody. I have built a new hackintosh system and to be sure that everything works as it should I would like to check system for any mistakes. I have edited DSDT so it has 0 errors and 0 warnings. But is there some fixes that had to be applied? my specs Asus q170t intel core i-5 6600...
  3. bashirov.artur

    ALC 887 problems

    Hi guys! I've build a new Hackintosh with Gigabyte H110TN which has Realtek Alc887. I used vit9696 AppleALC method. Also VoodooHDA have been tried. There are several problems: 1. - HDMI audio won't work. 2. - Audio level is too low. Sound is too quiet. 1150 is as twice louder than 887. 3...
  4. bashirov.artur

    HD 4400 mobile issue

    Hi everybody! I have an issue with intel hd 4400 mobile. If i inject faked 04128086 system won't boot. But if do not inject fake id, system boots but video having 7mb of vram. I also have fake_pciid and fakepciid_intel_hd_graphics in clover/10.11. Here is my ioregistry, clover, patchmatic and...
  5. bashirov.artur

    Realtek ALC897

    Hi everybody! Did someone got Realtek ALC897 working on Mac OS? I couldn't find any AppleALC or AppleHDA for it. Also I don't see drivers on their website for windows. Thanks
  6. bashirov.artur

    Can thios be successfull?

    There is two interesting for me mini pc's on aliexpress. One has 4308u with iris 5100(like mac mini 2014). And secod has 5557u with iris 6100(like macbook pro 2015). Is it possible to install os x on these machines? audio is realtek alc 897. I haven't found a AppleALC or AppleHDA for it. Will...