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  1. oz_adari

    Hackintosh and xcode

    Hi, as many of you, i installed mac on my pc for iphone programing, currently im running an snow leopard on my old (and only) core 2 duo 1.6 ghz pc, and im running xcode 3 and xcode 4 (not the newset version), im thinking to get more seriusly into iphone developing and get ios dev program...
  2. oz_adari

    my hackintosh after 2 months of using stoped to work,

    my hackintosh worked perfeclty until now, i dont know what changed ( i didnt installed 10.6.7) but i switech to windows to watch a movie and today when im trying to switch back after i choose mac in the iboot section its just show me apples logo and do a loading sign for alot of time (it never...
  3. oz_adari

    [solved]Cant load w7 disk after installtion of snow leopard

    well snow leopard is working , but when im putting a windows 7 disk and trying to boot up im getting a : "press any buttom to boot from disk" and when im pressing a buttom im getting again the same message and its looks like that: "press any buttom to boot from disk press any buttom to boot from...
  4. oz_adari

    Dual boot with iboot &multibeast

    well im new to mac and hackintosh, 2 days ago i have installed mac using the tutorial on the site, all went great and my pc is running mac perfectly, but, i still need windwos for alot of things, how can i dual boot with iboot? TY, and tonymacx86 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!