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  1. thiagofw

    GeForce GT 710 - compatible with any version?

    I have a Ryzen 5 3400G, I will need a video card. Can you tell me if this would be compatible with any version and could use graphics acceleration? Nvidia Gigabyte GeForce 700 Series GT 710 GV-N710D5-2GIL 2GB
  2. thiagofw

    High Sierra + AMD HD 6570 - Only 4M video

    Hello, I am new to hackintosh, however, even with a bad English I am risking asking for help from you. I have a PC with CPU: i5, 8GB DDR3, Video onboard HD2500, video offboard AMD HD 6570. I'm only getting 4M of video, sometimes I can get 5M and that has affected a lot in watching videos or...