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  1. osiyostudio

    Cpu running at OC speed - but I didn’t OC it yet!

    ok I’m up and running - nice and stable - so I’m getting ready to try OC i9-9900k designare Z390 I set memory to XMP 1 and left rest of bios to recommendation of this site. did base testing before OC and intel app shows it running 4.9 - 5.0 At 98 - 99% while doing cinebench and 3D rendering in...
  2. osiyostudio

    High End Mac for 3d CGI and Rendering using Sidefx Houdini 3d Coat and DAZ Studio

    I have been doing CGI for a long time and just can't justify the new Mac Pro cost - can I build a more powerful machine than the new Macs any advise? I was looking at the "CustoMac Pro".