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  1. FernandoCoverdale

    screen resolution in Oc boot?

    Does anyone know how to change the screen resolution in Opencore boot? I get the giant icons, then the apple icon appears, also very large, and a few seconds later the correct resolution is set
  2. FernandoCoverdale

    problems resolution safari / chrome vega 64

    something strange happens to me, both in safari and chrome, the animations and video are seen with less resolution regarding firefox that looks perfect, for example the apple website that has many animations and promotional videos are not seen with quality. i use mojave last version vega nitro...
  3. FernandoCoverdale

    Vega 64 is constantly turned on and off while in idle mode.

    I have observed that my vega 64 when my hack is in idle mode, is activated by turning on the blue LED and turns off, this is constant. I do not know what can be due. Do you know how to solve it? Thank you Mojave Last Version Asus z370-F Sapphire vega 64
  4. FernandoCoverdale

    Jpgs won't open in Preview Mojave

    I had not realized that the preview of my images does not work for me, even by double clicking on them to open them. Everything else works seemingly well, does anyone with the same problem? How did you solve it? thank you!
  5. FernandoCoverdale

    Mojave Sapphire vega 64 question

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a Sapphire nitro vega 4 natively supported by mojave, I have a query. My motherboard is an asus z370-f gaming, in principle I work everything without problem but I read a lot about the vega and there are many opinions, I read that with the latest update of...
  6. FernandoCoverdale

    Update to Mojave Vega 64

    Board upgrade from nvidia to Vega 64, I currently have High Sierra installed with a nvidia 1060 working perfectly, I have purchased a Sapphire Nitro Vega 64. I have several questions, being a graph that natively supports Apple, apart from uninstalling nvidia drivers not I know if I should also...
  7. FernandoCoverdale

    when I install webdriver I can not turn off the system "Shutdown" help please

    I have reinstalled the whole system from 0, I do not have any error message but now I have a problem :( When I install the webdriver of my Nvidia 1060 6gb, the graphics work perfectly and the system detects it but I can not turn off the computer, when I give it to turn off it will restart. I...
  8. FernandoCoverdale

    Desperate Help! message "the computer has been restarted due to a problem"

    I do not know what I did wrong, I followed a manual that previously went well with the nvidia 1050 4gb but with my new nvidia 1060 6gb no, the whole boot system does it perfectly, it is when I put my user password to log in when I get the message "the computer has been restarted due to a...
  9. FernandoCoverdale

    Nvidia Web Driver [CLOSED]

    Edit: I'm going to erase it because it can create confusion
  10. FernandoCoverdale

    i need advice to change my graphics

    I need advice to change my graphics GTX 1050ti Windforce 4GB. Snce it is in warranty and I can return to the store, I thought to change it for the same model of 1060 TI Windforce 6GB, or I was thinking of the RX580 6GB. What would you do? my budget is € 300 Motherboard ASUS Z370-F CPU i7 8700K...
  11. FernandoCoverdale

    OC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Windforce OC 4G ??

    the factory offers a program to modify the parameters but only for windows, how can I do OC under MACos?
  12. FernandoCoverdale

    how can I change the clover boot to make a countdown

    how can I change the clover boot to make a countdown and start alone without having to hit enter, sometime remotely with the team viewer I need to restart and stay fixed in the clover menu waiting to enter.
  13. FernandoCoverdale

    SMBIOS Clover best option for me?

    hello! which is the best option for my hardware?in a list smbios clover Asus z370-f I7 8700k Gigabyte 1050 4gb windbord G.Skill 16gb 3000 thanks!!
  14. FernandoCoverdale

    help for overclocking ai tweaker Asus Z370-F 8700K

    Greetings to all, I have now mounted my hackintosh and it has been a success, I have everything working perfectly :) Geekbench: Single Core Score: 5854 Multi-Core Score:23881 I would like to get the best possible performance from my team, but I've always been a little afraid of doing...
  15. FernandoCoverdale

    [Solved] My first hackintosh Problem boot clover Asus z370 i7 8700K Geforce 1050ti 4gb

    Hello, first sorry for my english im spanish thanks! I build my first hackintosh: Asus z370-f Intel i7 8700k g.skill ripjaws 16gb 3000 samsung ssd 970pro nvme m.2 Geforce gtx 1050 TI Windforce 4gb abwb 802.11 ac Wi-Fi con Bluetooth 4.0 (PCI-Express PCI-E) bcm943602cs Combo wifi/bluethoot I...