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  1. jamesst20

    Bluetooth for Intel AX201, is it possible?

    Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to get Bluetooth working for this computer: (Full specs, setup and efi here: The wireless card is an Intel AX201. I was able to get wifi working using this driver...
  2. jamesst20

    [Success] Lenovo ThinkCentre m90q - i7-10700 - IGPU

    Hi, I just wanted to report that I successfully installed Big Sur on the Lenovo ThinkCentre m90q. Specs - Intel Chipset Q470 - Intel AX201 (Wifi / Bluetooth) - ALC233VB (Audio Codec) - Intel Core i7-10700 (vPro) - 20 GB RAM (Left original 4GB + Added 1x Crucial 16GB) - SSD Nvme WD Black...
  3. jamesst20

    [Success] Big Sur - ASUS Prime B360M-C - i3-9100 - UHD IGPU

    Hi, I couldn't find any thread for this motherboard, and it was quite a pain to get it setup. Specs - Intel Core i3-9100 - iGPU (From i3-9100) - 8GB Ram DDR4 - SSD OCZ Vortex 460 - ASUS Prime B360M-C What Works - Sound - Ethernet - IGPU (All ports (2x DP & 1x HDMI) - Graphics Acceleration -...
  4. jamesst20

    How to downgrade a kext?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to run Big Sur on a computer with an Hynix SSD that is unsupported. However, there are kernel patches available for 10.14.x such as <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>IONVMeFamily patch for SSD Liteon etc. (c)jief_machak</string> <key>Disabled</key>...
  5. jamesst20

    [Advice] Best build for 10/11th Intel gen with IGPU and 2x Display Port

    Hi, I was wondering what were the best known working build out of the box that meets those requirements: Chipset: Z490 or newer CPU: 10th or 11th Gen i7 Graphics: Intel IGPU. No AMD GPU. Ports: At least 2 display ports working. 4k hopefully. Every hackintosh I built in the past I ended up...
  6. jamesst20

    RX 580: Blackscreen for 2 seconds every x minutes over HDMI

    Hi, Specs: Intel Core i7-8700 Intel UHD 630 Saphire RX 580 4GB Gigabyte Z390M Gaming (Micro ATX) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Cooler Master MCB-Q300L-KANN-S00 MATX Case EVGA 650 GQ - 80+ Gold 650 Watt Samsung 970 Evo NVMe 500 GB Issue: Every x minutes the screen goes black for 2...
  7. jamesst20

    Skylake : Intel HD 530: Dual Monitor not working

    Hi, Here are my specs It's a dell precision tower. Intel Core i7-6700 Intel HD 530 Nvidia Quadro M4000 Chipset Intel C236 (100 series) Intel Ethernet I219-LM Realtek Audio ALC3861 The motherboard has 2 DP ports and 1 HDMI port. If I try each port by booting with one connector connected, they...
  8. jamesst20

    XhciPortLimit + USBInjectAll : Not working

    Hi, It seems like I am unable to get my SS ports recognized. I assume it's because of the 15 ports limit, however no matter what I try, I can't get these to work. I would like to generate an SSDT for my ports but it's hard to do it without testing the mapping. Thank you James
  9. jamesst20

    USB: How does it work without USB Port Limit Patch?

    Hi, I am used to generate optimal SSDT for USB Ports, however at first we are supposed to apply USBInjectAll & a USB Port Limit Patch. Since these no longer works/exists for Big Sur, how are we supposed to proceed? Also, how would you get the Installer to run on a PC that no longer have USB...
  10. jamesst20

    UHD 630 - Can't boot with a 4K monitor, but 1080 monitors are fine

    Hi, My problem is that my build works perfectly with a single or dual 1080p monitor, but wont boot with a 4K monitor. If I boot with a 1080p monitor, then connect my 4k monitor, my CPU starts running, than the screen goes black and the computer freeze forever until reboot. I am running Mojave...
  11. jamesst20

    Unable to download the installer : Speed is to low

    Hi, I have a 1 GBPS Internet Connection. At the begining, the download is very fast, it sayd about 3 minutes left. However, the farter it goes, the slower it gets. My SpeedTest are fine, it seems to be only related to the update here. Any suggestions?
  12. jamesst20

    Random kernel panic

    I never had any problems before I do the following: I used to have Clover installed by Multibeast a few months ago. I recently formatted accidently my EFI partition and I reinstalled Clover using the installer on SourceForge v5058. I updated my kexts : AppleALC, WhateverGreen, Lilu, and I...
  13. jamesst20

    Updating from 10.14.4 to 10.14.5 - new SMBios benifits ?

    Hi, I was wondering if there would be any benefits to update from 10.14.4 to 10.14.5 and switch to the new supported SMBios iMac19,1 or iMac19,2 for a Gigabyte Z390M Gaming with an Intel i7 8700 if I am using only the IGPU Intel UHD 630 ? According to this...
  14. jamesst20

    [Success][10.14.4][11.2.2] Gigabyte Z390M Gaming - Intel UHD 630 - i7 8700

    Update March 27, 2021: I attached my OpenCore 0.6.7 for Big Sur 11.2.2. The bugs mentioned no longer exists. IGPU/Shutdown/Reboot works native. (I am now using an RX 580 Card though. So OC doesn't include any IGPU bus/ports/patches.) Hi, I am just writting a little guide about my specific...
  15. jamesst20

    [10.14.4] Slow UDH 630 (from i7-8700), but acceleration is working

    Hi, I followed the tutorial to inject the proper framebuffer patches for my Intel UHD 620 which comes from my Intel i7-8700. My Motherboard is an Z390 M Gaming (mATX). I used the built...
  16. jamesst20

    [10.14.4] Wifi networks detected, but not connecting (BCM943602CS)

    Hi, I am building a brand new Hackintosh and it's running Mojave 10.14.4. Specs: Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming 2x8GB RAM DDR4 Intel i7 8700 - Intel UHD 630 Wifi : with The bluetooth...
  17. jamesst20

    Solved > 10.14.4 Update - No longer booting

    Hi, Since I updated to 10.14.4 from 10.14.3, I am no longer able to boot. Before updating, I upgraded Clover to build 4911 using Multibeast and updated Lilu, WhateverGreen, AppleALC do latest version and did a reboot. Everything was flawless. Then I installed the update through the Update...
  18. jamesst20

    AppleALC : Fully working audio, Bluetooth Audio, but no bluetooth microphone

    Hi, I am currently having hard time figuring out how to get bluetooth microphone working. My headset are Skullcandy Wireless Crusher and they work on my real Macbook Pro. The bluetooth is provided by the motherboard. It shows up in the input list, however the ui gets laggy and it doesn't...
  19. jamesst20

    CX20753/4 Bad sound quality with AppleALC on headphones

    Hi, I have installed AppleALC.kext (latest) and also CodecCommander.kext (I tried without aswell). I also have IRQ patch applied to my DSDT, but I use Clover for audio id patching with ResetHDA toggled on. I have tested many audio id such as 1,3,7,12,13,15,28,29... No luck except with ID 3. By...
  20. jamesst20

    Lenovo Thinkpad E580 : No HDMI (and no HDMI through Type-C)

    Lenovo Thinkpad E580 (i7-8550U, Intel UHD 620, 12GB Ram). Hi, Currently connecting anything to HDMI or to a Type-C to HDMI adapter makes no difference. The screen doesn't even blink, nor the monitor reconizes it is connected. I must admit I don't know where to start. Thank you