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  1. JoshNYC

    Sleep/wake fix for GA-Z77N-WIFI?

    This is an old one but I haven't been able to find a definitive cure. I've got a GA-Z77N-WIFI with GTX970 (new), 10.10.1, 16GB RAM and BIOS specs from the install guide. Bootloader is Chimera latest. Everything is working well except I'm having a hard time with sleep/wake. If I enabled the...
  2. JoshNYC

    What will in the December buying guide for graphics cards?

    It seems that many of the graphics cards listed with vanilla support are no longer in stock or are hard to come by. Will the GTX 770s be reposted or is something going to replace them (like the non-vanilla 970 that is easy to find)? I ask because I'd like to buy tomorrow. I'm having a heck of...
  3. JoshNYC

    Build Guide - Graphics card recommendations?

    Hi guys. Noticed that the November guide is still up so I had a question. Thinking of buying a new graphics card but most of the cards aren't available any longer. So 2 quick questions: 1. Suggestions for other GTX 770 cards that are available? I'm looking for something fast but it needs to...
  4. JoshNYC

    XFX HD6850 ZDFC Fix?

    Hi guys. I'm sure this is a pretty old problem but I couldn't find a fix after looking for about an hour here and elsewhere: I need to hook up a second display to my XFX 6850 card and it's not supporting the second display. If I plug into the top HDMI (with the top DVI port also in use)...
  5. JoshNYC

    Fix for USB keyboard hang in GA-Z77N-WiFi

    Fix for USB keyboard hang in GA-Z77N-WiFi?? Hello all: I've got my mini up and running but I'm noticing that there's a delay for the USB Apple wired keyboard and mouse on startup. Also, if I put the machine to sleep then the keyboard and mouse don't work on wake. Any ideas as to a fix...
  6. JoshNYC

    Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI / Asus P8Z77i Questions

    Hello all. Got my Mini build up and running. Followed the specs in Tony's step-by-step for the most part, although I've used the Khuler 620 and a Node 304 case instead. Some thoughts: 1. With the closed loop cooler I've seen that even overclocked the CPU stays below 70C. I've also noticed...
  7. JoshNYC

    Asus P8P67 PRO + 10.7.4 = KP on boot HELP!

    Hi all. Have had a perfectly stable system under 10.7.3 for a long time on Asus P8P67 PRO with 2103 patched BIOS and no DSDT. Decided to dive in and update to 10.7.4 (a bit too soon maybe) and am now unable to boot no matter what I try (including booting from Unibeast). I read that the BIOS...
  8. JoshNYC

    Asus P8P67 PRO weirdness with DSDT :?

    Hey guys. Been having a few odd issues with turbo on my P8P67 PRO since installing the DSDT from the tonymac DSDTs (thanks for posting it though!) on my P8P67 PRO with patched 2103 BIOS. First, my config uses an SSD for boot and apps and has users stored on an HD. When I used MB (4.3.0) to...
  9. JoshNYC

    Asus P8P67 PRO Speedstepping with 10.6.8?

    Hi all. I had Speedstepping working with 10.6.7 but get a KP on boot with the 10.6.8 update. Do I just need to follow the same approach as before or is a different recipe needed?
  10. JoshNYC

    Sandy Bridge friendly N WiFi adapter?

    Hey guys. Anyone using a WiFi adapter that is playing nice with their setup? If so, which one? Thanks!
  11. JoshNYC

    Asus P8P67 PRO -> Gigabyte Z68 or Asus Z68?

    Just when the bleeding edge was getting figured out... I have a rare opportunity to unload my PRO and buy a Gigabyte Z68 or Asus Z68. I'm a little fed up with Asus locking Speedstepping so I'm thinking about Gigabyte. Would you do it? If so, which one and why?
  12. JoshNYC

    6850 working with Display Port?

    I noticed that my XFX 6850 doesn't work correctly (after a lot of messing around with framebuffers) via HDMI (alone) but does work great with DVI pretty much OOB (with Chimera 1.4). I need to get a better display and all my options are Display Port. Anyone with this working?
  13. JoshNYC

    Anyone getting install error with MultiBeast + ATI drivers?

    I tried to run the latest MB (3.6) to install the ATI (iMac) drivers. For some reason it gives me an error when I do. Anyone else seen this?
  14. JoshNYC

    Have a Radeon and UEFI? Please help isolate a bug

    I've been wrestling with a mysterious issue since installing my Radeon 6850 and it's been driving me crazy. Finally, (and no thanks to Asus or XFX) I believe I now know what's causing it... Motherboards with UEFI seem to have an issue correctly displaying the BIOS/UEFI setup and logo/POST...
  15. JoshNYC

    Problems with XFX 6850

    Thought I got a bad card but NewEgg overnighted a replacement to me and I'm seeing the same exact issues. See garbled video and can't reach BIOS. Works fine with GTX 460. Have tried everything (pull out RAM, disconnecting drives, CMOS reset, BIOS update, different PCI slot, standing on my head...
  16. JoshNYC

    Anyone have P8P67 PRO with XFX Radeon 6850?

    Thought I got a bad card but NewEgg overnighted a replacement to me and I'm seeing the same exact issues. See garbled video and can't reach BIOS. Works fine with GTX 460. Have tried everything (pull out RAM, disconnecting drives, CMOS reset, BIOS update, different PCI slot, standing on my head...
  17. JoshNYC

    Asus P8P67 PRO + XFX 6850 = BIOS problems?

    So I finally caved: gave up on the GTX460 and bought a Radeon 6850. It's the XFX (with dual fans). It's working great from OS X 10.6.7 with the ATI drivers installed from MultiBeast. Performance-wise, I'm seeing around 50fps in Cinebench 11. However... :? The first thing I noticed was that...
  18. JoshNYC

    Any way I can leave the 8GB in for a reinstall?

    My 10.6.7 install got botched during an update when I got a KP (fermi does it again!). I need to do a system reinstall and am trying to use the following: iBoot (latest) OS X Snow Leopard Retail Disc (10.6.0) I keep getting KPs when I try to boot the DVD via iBoot. Have tried a variety of...
  19. JoshNYC

    Sandy Bridge + XFX 6850 working OOB?

    I think I'm going to make the jump to an XFX Radeon 6850 from my GTX460 in order to get true vanilla video driver support. Anyone else tried this card on their system? Is this a reference design? I think the 6850 is supposed to be equivalent to the 2011 iMac's 6970M.
  20. JoshNYC

    Fermi not frozen?

    Do you have with GTX 4XX card NOT getting KPs or freezes? I was recently reading somewhere here that the issues might be an interaction between overclocking and the card's power states. So I thought I'd try to get to the bottom of this issue (if that's possible) with some details. If you are...