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  1. heretolearn

    Wood Case Number Two

    Here's a story board of my new wood case-hackintash. Thanks for checking it out.
  2. heretolearn

    Wood Case Hackintosh

    Here is the finished build, I will leave the rest of the post intact. Been trying for months to come up with a design for a wood case that is a little different. I think I may have figured it out. It will be a mix of two different furniture pictures I have found. I just love...
  3. heretolearn

    What I did with my leftover parts

    G5 with a broke leg G5 with a broke leg The lower legs got damaged in shipping so I cut them off and had to clean up the bottom . After my last build found here.> I had two G5 backs...
  4. heretolearn

    G5 Mod Something Just A little Different

    And now something a little different This is my third apple case mod. I built a G3 about 4 months ago and just last month a G5. As all of us have done, I've read over and over all the great modding being done here and else where on the web, and we see things that really get our attention...