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  1. MyFakeAcc

    New GPU with old motherboard and CPU?

    Hi there, I'm running my hack (signature) since 2012 with barely any issues. I've also only touched my hackintosh's config when I switched to Clover prior to upgrading to 10.13 (from 10.11). It's been a smooth ride for me for 6 years now. Long story short: my hardware experience is limited and...
  2. MyFakeAcc

    10.8.5 - AppleIntelFramebufferCapri(8.1.6) backtrace & laggy system

    10.8.5 - AppleIntelFramebufferCapri(8.1.6) backtrace Hi, I just updated from 10.8.3 to 10.8.5 with the combo updater. Everything booted fine and my system is well recognized within System Information [but my whole system is laggy as hell. Even typing this text lags, not to speak of scrolling...
  3. MyFakeAcc

    Problems with CPU Fan stopping

    Hi, my Hackintosh run troublefree for around one year but now there's a problem with my CPU cooler. Sometimes (not that frequent) it just stops running. Its "rpm" disappears from HWMonitor and that's it. Sometimes the problem occurs even right from the start. Normally, when I hit the power on...
  4. MyFakeAcc

    Bootable Hardware Raid?

    Excuse me I might have chosen the wrong subforum. I don't know anything about raids (software/hardware) but I got a bit curious when I read about them. Currently my setup consists of: 1TB HDD (boot, OSX) and 1TB HDD for media files. I'm kind of a data redundancy/security freak, my bootdrive...
  5. MyFakeAcc

    Alternative to Carbon Copy Cloner?

    I used to create my bootable backups with CCC but since ML it is payed software. I favored CCC especially because it supported block copy making it very very fast when a whole drive was cloned. SuperDuper locks smart copies for unregistered users, regular incremental backups won't delete...
  6. MyFakeAcc

    USB sound card

    Any recommendations regarding an external usb sound card with good audio quality (whatever you can expect from a usb sound card) featuring a mic input for using it with my headset working in OSX without any problems (skype, ...)?
  7. MyFakeAcc

    [Hardware noob] SysFan connector?

    Hi. > The CPU cooler is plugged into "CPU_Fan". There are three additional fans located in the case itself. All of them are connected to a manual slider to regulate their speed. Is it supported to plug two of them into...
  8. MyFakeAcc

    Lion -> Mountain Lion Update

    Heyho, will there be some kind of guide for upgrading an existing Ivy Bridge system? I found no report from a user doing the upgrade (on a system similar to mine) yet. :S
  9. MyFakeAcc

    Can't boot with Time Machine disk plugged in

    The spinning / at the very start just stops (even before chameleon/chimaera) and the machine hangs. I already ensured the external hdd is not in my boot priorities. Any ideas?
  10. MyFakeAcc

    Ivy i7 - power supply and graphics

    I never build a computer myself so I got now clue if any parts are missing or won't fit. :S I'm aiming for a powerful but quiet and cool system. From reading here I thought about the following: Case: BitFenix Raider [amazon-uk][/amazon-uk] Motherboard...