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  1. SonCyber

    BCM94322HM8L Problem Mojave

    Hey, I recently replaced my old wifi card with a dell dw1510 (Chip: Broadcom BCM94322HM8L) because I read it works OOB. I normally installed macOS Mojave without any problems except for the wifi. My System recognises the Wifi Card and also shows the wifi Symbol in the Statusbar but doesn't find...
  2. SonCyber

    Dell DW1510 Help pls

    Hey, I recently installed MacOS Mojave on my Dell Latitude e7440 and replaced the Intel Wireless Card with a Dell DW1510, because it should work OOTB. MacOS shows the wifi Symbol in the Statusbar but if I click it, to doesn‘t find any Network. Is there a way to fix it?
  3. SonCyber

    Solved > BCM43142A0 is recognised but doesn't work

    Hey, I installed macOS Mojave on my Laptop recently. Everything works fine except the WiFi (Broadcom BCM43142A0). It is recognised in the USB-Section of my System Report but doesn't work. Any Idea?