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  1. DuyL

    Sleep/Wake issue on 5700XT Catalina

    Hi all, recently I have this build: However I experienced sleep issue unable to wake display after, I had to unplug and replug the display cable. Did the search around but nothing really helps. I also updated to new 10.15.4 patch but problem persists. Any idea? Mainboard: Z390 gaming X...
  2. DuyL

    Z390 gaming X audio ports won't work (Catalina)

    Hi, Somewhat I managed on my system to have front audio ports to work, HDMI to work but not the back panel audio on the mobo. I'm on BIOS F10c. My current report: EFI and Kext if helps: I did some search around as well tried multibeast but nothing really work at this point. Would anyone...
  3. DuyL

    Catalina - GPU temp on Rx5700xt won't show and shared partition cannot be used

    Hi all, currently I just successfully installed Catalina on my first ever hackintosh, took me 2 days but absolutely worth it. Something left before making it great (to my taste), please help me on these: My Gigabyte 5700XT Gaming OC won't show temp: and not related to this sub forum, but could...
  4. DuyL

    How does this hardware look for a new build

    Hi guys, Just back to this build but with revised updated part. I chose z390 for bluetooth and wifi onboard support. So I have a few questions before getting started: - Wifi and bluetooth would work, anything to notice/post installation config? Or this is just a waste? - For budgeting am just...
  5. DuyL


    Hi guys, I recently purchased this: and not sure if I should go ahead and install 10.13 since I did not followup hackintosh for awhile, any recommendations? Potential bugs/things won't work?
  6. DuyL

    Budget ATX advice

    Hi gents, I am trying to get my first Hackintosh and here's my list, would love to hear advice from you all whether this list is good to go? I don't have a wifi card since I will be using ethernet cable (plus the card is not available in my country). One thing is I would love to add a 1TB HDD...