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  1. grandosegood

    'still waiting for root device' error on X99 Mojave installation

    hey folks, been hackintoshing for quite some time now, but haven't had to do a new install for a while. I followed KGP's guide to create a bootable Mojave USB installer, but keep getting stuck at 'still waiting for root device' before everything on the screen gets garbled and scrambled...
  2. grandosegood

    Radeon VII - Mojave or Catalina?

    Hey folks, I use an X99 rig (i7-6800k, 32GB Ram, Asus X99-a/USB3.1. GTX 1060) and am looking to upgrade the gpu to a Radeon VII. My research tells me that I'll need to have at least 10.14.6 Mojave to be able to use it. I'd like to avoid Catalina because a lot of stuff I use for imports/exports...
  3. grandosegood

    recommendation on new hackinotsh

    so i've been in the hackintosh game since X79 days. I've been thinking about upgrading from my current rig, an aging X79 machine. My friend is offering to sell me a PC with an i7-6800k, GTX 1060, 32GB of RAM and an Asus x99 motherboard. I'm wondering if i should purchase it ( the price would be...
  4. grandosegood

    usb 3.0 error on x99-a / usb 3.1

    hi folks, I'm trying to get onboard USB 3.0 for my ASUS X99-A / USB 3.1. I've tried a bunch of different things but still can't get it working properly. My wall-powered USB hard drive doesn't show up. I've attached my EFI folder for reference. Can someone please help? Thanks...
  5. grandosegood

    [SOLVED] Fix for icloud, appstore,

    hello again guys, so, now that my hack is running at almost 100%, im now trying to figure out why appstore, facetime, imessage and icloud do not work. according to my research, i need actual numbers from a real mac, and that there is no way around this in yosemite. is that true? using...
  6. grandosegood

    difference between RehabMan's 2014 and 2015 genericusbxhci.kext?

    hey there, i'm redoing my hackintosh after usb3 fails in both clover 10.9.5 and chimera 10.9.5. i wanted to know what's the difference between rehabman's 2014 and 2015 genericusbxhci.kext and which one should i choose for an install on 10.9.5? thanks again
  7. grandosegood

    Question on video editing and hardware raid hackintosh - lga2011

    Greetings folks! Afte being so busy with school and work, I can finally tend to my i7-3930k build that was not running properly. I just RMA'd the CPU and am running prime95 blend test with 95% of my avialable ram after turning off all thermal settings and adjusting overclock to a small...
  8. grandosegood

    Interst in building x79 based hackintosh

    hello to all! long time hackintosh user! first time posting in tonymacx86 forums. i have just purchased an i7 3930k, socket 2011. i intend to use it in a computer dedicated for video editing. particularly, the program i am learning is avid media composer. i will learn after effects and...